IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

Build Agile, Scalable, Flexible & Highly Reliable IT Capabilities to Meet Business Needs

Differentiating your business has become the need of the hour! With the evolving nature of businesses, it is important for you to bring in more agility, reduce operational efficiency while reducing overall costs. Businesses need to adopt newer methods to improve their capabilities, thus meeting their business needs.

Silver Touch Technologies offers IT outsourcing services which involve best practices, proven methodologies and standard frameworks to help achieve the business goals. We offer comprehensive IT outsourcing services that range from network, data centre & cloud services to end user support with extensive technical expertise. With our hybrid delivery model, centralized resources, and best-in-class tools & systems, we aim to standardize service delivery platform, and induce more agility within the business models. Our models are designed to help reduce overall costs, and improve organizational efficiency to gain better responsiveness to the changing environment. Our models help organizations concentrate on their core by making them stay away from complex & inefficient IT environment.

How we Differentiate?

  • IT Delivery Chain: Our IT outsourcing services include full-range services which encompass the entire IT delivery chain, thus helping you achieve your IT goals
  • Increase Operational Efficiency: We aim to deliver outsourcing services that assist you in your IT needs, and help attain your business goals and increase productivity and efficiency within the organization
  • Improve Service Delivery: With proven methods, tools and processes, we work towards giving you consistency within the IT environment to make service delivery efficient and reduce the overall risks
  • Proximity to Business Goals: We deliver IT services that are aligned to your business goals, constantly improvising and innovating
  • Monitoring: Deliver end-to-end network experience with continuous monitoring and performance management

Reduce infrastructure complexities & improve utilization with our end-to-end IT outsourcing services.


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