Education Web Portal for Farmers

Farmer Education Web Portal for Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies

  •  Learning & Education
  •  Joomla, MySQL

land improvement, agro processing, agro processing etc. The client aimed at developing a web portal to make people familiar about the working of PACS for the farmers.

Education Web Portal for Farmers

Client Pain Area

Previously the client didn’t have a common platform where citizens and PACS users got the information and training materials regarding the PACS along with its strength and uses. There was no transparency in the tasks carried out by them.

Business Objectives

The basic objective of the web portal is to provide training to general community as well as to the PACS members regarding operation and working of the PACS. The client wanted to develop a web portal that covers all information of PACS activities and social achievements towards rural people. The portal should be developed as per GIGW guidelines in a manner that it delivers information which can be accessed by everyone, on any device and in a user friendly way.

The client needed custom modules for gallery, training, opinion polls and publication functionalities and should be able to customize default Forum functionality as per client’s requirements. The web portal should be multi lingual in English and Hindi. The client also wanted to integrate Red5 3rd party extension for audio/video streaming from FFMPEG server and extension for converting format of presentation slide to Image format.

Client required following major functionalities within the web portal:

  • Two parts of the portal:
    • Frontend would be accessed by registered users and guest users
    • Backend would be managed by administrator
  • Guest users have to register for participating in online training and sending request for attending onsite training
  • Scheduling/managing online training & issuing certificates to registered users
  • Post online request for onsite training by registered users
  • Multimedia management such as photo, video and audio gallery by administrator
  • Display upcoming news & events announcement (includes upcoming trainings) to portal visitors
  • Display upcoming trainings & events on calendar with searching functionality
  • Online forum for registered users to post their questions and get appropriate answers from other registered users
  • Global search across the web portal
  • Social networking site integration for sharing web-portal content on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in etc.
  • Facility to access the website using screen readers for visually challenged people

The Solution

Silver Touch has proposed developing the web portal using Joomla open source platform as Joomla provides sophisticated, flexible and robust website development. We have proposed to develop the portal using PHP as frontend and MySQL as backend database.

Joomla provides powerful and interactive website that scales effortlessly and is stable even when serving thousands of users simultaneously. Joomla allows multiple users access to the website and update its content simultaneously without affecting the website performance.

By considering the advantages of Joomla, we have proposed to develop custom modules for training, multimedia content & news and announcements streaming on web portal. User Management and Role Management will come as integral process of the backend application.

Along with all these custom modules, web portal is also integrated with third party extension Red5 for video streaming from FFMPEG server. Web portal is also integrated with another 3rd party extension to convert training material from presentation slides to image format.

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkJoomla 2.5
LanguagesPHP 5
DatabaseMySOL 5 Server Database
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache 2
Operating SystemWindows 7, Linux
  • Problem: Client required fast & easy transfer of multimedia content.
  • Solution: We have used dedicated FFMPEG server for multimedia content storage & retrieval and integrated with the web portal so that the Text content is loaded from MySQL DB server and multimedia content is loaded from FFMPEG server.
  • Many customization in Joomla’s default functionality as per client’s specific & unique requirement
  • Developing the customized coding for photo, video & audio gallery
  • Developing “Training” functionality for both Online & Onsite training
  • Automated certificate generation on completion of successful online training
  • Site visitors can easily find recent updates on the portal
  • Registration functionality for online training & forum activities
  • Registered users can easily search and filter the forums and get solution for their queries
  • Registered users can contribute their opinion on various polls that is managed by administrator
  • All contents such as photographs, videos, publications, trainings, polls and users are managed by administrator
  • The analysis reports will guide the administrator to take timely decisions
  • Training wise participants report can also be generated
  • Administrator can easily customize the portal layout in two formats such as standard or contrast

Economical and social welfare activities information and knowledge are made available to the Indian people through this portal. The web portal exhibits the following benefits:

  • Site visitors can easily get the information and knowledge from portal about PACS working philosophy and activities
  • Photographs related to PACS onsite training, various movements and activities are available to site visitors
  • E-copy of PACS publications and other fundamental structures of PACS are available in PDF format on the portal
  • With the help of online training facility registered users can easily get information regarding agricultural and farmer credit loan
  • The portal is available in two languages-English, Hindi so that users from different geographical locations can use/read the portal easily
  • Portal provides the facility of increasing and decreasing the font size of content
  • Screen reader access functionality has been integrated to make the site potentially useful to people who are blind, visually impaired, illiterate or learning disabled