Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Improving Education Process with Learning Management System

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A leading educational institute in US aims to develop a Learning Management System that would improve the effectiveness of the education system, and bring in transparency within the system.

Client Pain Area

The university had a manual system for managing the student enrollments and attendance. The course assignments and reports needed to be easily accessible to both students and teachers.

Business Objectives

The client wanted to develop a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage student enrollments, attendance, teacher and course assignments (events), resource allocation, inter user messaging (as defined by admin), reports and exports.

The system should provide different level access for teachers, liaison, student and administrators. Also it should provide easy to use interface at all levels.

The Solution

Silver Touch proposed to develop the required Learning Management System using Joomla 1.5 (an Open Source CMS) as the base framework. The requirement was with 4 access levels to the web application which was a unique feature and not provided by any open source LMS application and thus the customized development of the application was suggested.

Case StudyTechnology

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology Specifications
Technology & Framework Joomla 1.5
Languages PHP
Database My SQL
Web Server/Hosting Platform Apache
Operating System Windows XP, Linux
Case StudyResults
  • This system is successfully developed and it allows different level access for different types of users, i.e. to teachers, liaison, student and administrators.
Case StudyBenefits
  • The learning management system is delivered to the university and is successfully delivering services as required.