Moodle LMS Educational Portal

Moodle LMS Educational Portal U.S Based Client

  •  Learning & Education
  •  Moodle LMS, Java, .NET-PHP 5.x, MYSQL

Client is an education technology company that embraces a vision of delivering excellent solutions and services that helps educational institutions with fulfilling the promises made to their students. The client is working on multiple domains to provide solution to their client including Moodle (PHP LMS), .Net and Java.

Moodle LMS Educational Portal

Client Pain Area

Client’s Mission is to provide innovative Educational technology solutions that help Educators, meeting their Students’ Education goals and to strive to provide innovative solutions to complex problems using current and emerging technologies. They had a student portal made using .NET with student’s data, enrollment data and course details but there was no system to maintain the grades and attendance reports of the students. The client wanted to integrate the existing portal with a LMS for improved operations.

Business Objectives

The requirement of this project is to provide a solution for interconnecting the current student portal with the newly built LMS (Learning Management System) in Moodle. The interconnection should consist of transferring attendance and grades from Moodle to the Online Portal and transferring courses, student’s data and enrollment data from the online portal to LMS. In addition, client wanted us to provide maintenance and support their client for LMS and data integration and migration. We have to provide the ‘Single Sign-In’ option to allow user to logon to both LMS and .NET portal at same time.

The Solution

As per the client’s requirement, we have developed the SOAP based web service in LMS to communicate with the Online Student portal built in .NET platform. We have used the SSIS package and stored procedure to perform the task on .NET server side. For SSO we have used the CAS package available in JAVA using the Tomcat server.

Facility of Single Sign-In is provided for the user. User can logon to any of the portals and access the information on both portals without signing in again. Students can view all their admission and course details from LMS too. LMS portal gives all updated information to user from backend portal. There is a common link for LMS portal and backend information portal.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & FrameworkMoodle LMS, Java, .NET
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache
LanguagesPHP 5.x
Operating SystemWindows XP, Linux
  • Setting up the suitable project environment
  • Achieving the Single Sign-On system
  • Integration of LMS and CVUE portal
  • Silver Touch has achieved successful integration of SSO using Apache, Tomcat, and .NET IIS server
  • We have integrated .NET portal with Java and PHP for LMS Moodle
  • We have achieved successful installation of SSIS package for creating replicas of database
  • Admin will be able to manage user roles and permissions
  • Single login functionality to access/view data of both portals has been implemented
  • By this solution, students and teachers can access the LMS with single login of portal.
  • All the grades and attendance are transferred to portal automatically at the scheduled time using the solution we have provided.
  • Students can get all tutorials from LMS according to their course.
  • Students can view all updated information according to their grade, attendance, and course from LMS. There is no need to check CVUE portal.
  • Teachers can also update their profile information and course information from LMS portal. They can upload tutorials as per their course.