Label Printing Desktop Application

Solution: Label Printing Desktop Application Roxul-Rockwool Technical Insulation India

  •  Manufacturing
  •  VB.NET / C#

An India based joint venture Company is manufacturing an extensive range of stone wool insulation products in the area of Special Economic Zone at the powerful commercial state of India. The planned capacity of the organization is around 30,000 tons of stone wool products per year. The company has various branches across the globe and preferred suppliers of products, systems and solutions for improved energy efficiency, acoustic performance and fire safety in buildings.

Label Printing Desktop Application

Client Pain Area

The client manufactures insulation products but does not have a robust printing application that would allow printing labels with ease. The client wanted Silver Touch to assist in designing and development of a new & more robust desktop based printing application for three types of labels using English language, working in a standalone environment using .NET based technology platform over MY SQL server database. The printing labels need to be printed with advanced design objects (Certification Symbols) but without barcodes.

Business Objectives

The Project Objectives were:

  • Need to create up to two important user roles such as:
    • Super admin
    • Operators (Staff User)
  • Application accessible functionalities:
    • Allow operators to create three different types of labels in only one language (English) platform
    • Allow super admin to manage the application features and functionalities

The Solution

Silver Touch has provided highly comprehensive solution; where in the authorized users can have the application access as per the assigned privileges. The proposed application will have two types of users such as Administrator (Master User) and Operator (End User). Operator will be able to print the labels using relevant interface whereas the Administrator will have the rights to manage the entire application features and functionalities like creating other users (Operators/End users only), Manage master and generate reports (Master Listings). The proposed application will not have any interface or integration with any other computerized system like SAP etc.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & FrameworkASP.Net 4.0
DatabaseSQL Server 2008 Database
Operating SystemWindows 7
Web ServerIIS 6.0

Application users are now able to create and print different types of labels very effectively and with accuracy. This application is now saving lots of time of users for preparing labels.

  • The intended benefit of this application is to enable the administrator to manage the entire application features and functionalities within an easy & efficient manner.
  • The desktop application will provide support to the operators to create the labels within three different types using English language.
  • Operators will be able to create labels without barcodes along with advanced design.