License Certificate Management System

License Certificate Management System For Software Inventory Manager

  •  Corporate
  •  ASP.NET / MS SQL Server

Client has been involved in software asset management over 10 years. They look after the management of software assets and inventory. They work closely with SAM community and contribute to the development of ISO standards of Software Asset Management. The client aimed at having a cloud based system to manage the license management procedure.

Client Pain Area

The client did not have an integrated system to monitor and manage the software asset and inventory. They wanted a cost effective cloud based technology that would provide effective solution catering to all their needs.

Client Pain Area

Client demanded Cloud based, IT Asset Management technology that provides a cost effective solution to its end clients. It offers data conversion from existing Inventory and Network Management tools into valuable information that will be used in decision making.

Following were the primary business objectives of the project:

  • Preserve each individual user activity record within their system by each department
  • Identify and preserve existing (running) software related information from each individual user system (computer) within different department
  • To manage organization information in an easy way

The Solution

Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. has provided the winning solution to meet the requirements of the client. The result is the invention of LCMS. LCMS includes SWRE application which converts raw data (word, excel) to single format i.e., SQL. User can also categorize the data and export to SQL Database format. Exported Inventory Database will be imported into LCMS and various decision support reports can be generated using Custom Report Generator.

Software License Compliance module is one of the outstanding modules of LCMS. It allows generating reports with available balance licenses. Chart functionality allows filtering ‘Under License Software’ and ‘Over License Software’ with cost estimation. Compliance module includes Software License Allocation functionality across organization. Highlight of the project is Report Generator. End user can generate unlimited reports from single page, Software–wise, Hardware-wise and user-wise. Report generator provides facility to select various permutations and combinations to generate the decision making reports. The project is developed exclusively using Dot Net 3.5 & SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008 R2. SilverTouch proposed to carry out the project on actual time and material basis.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & Framework.Net Framework 3.5
LanguagesASP.Net, C#
Operating SystemWindows XP SP 2
DatabaseSQL Server 2005, 2008
EmailClient SMTP
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 6.0, 7.0
Web ServerLinux Server

The project was implemented successfully implemented and is live and running productively in the market. The system is currently in use and helps in managing organization information in an easy manner.

  • Individual activity is captured in each and every department
  • All running software related information is preserved in every department
  • All the information of organization is managed easily