Web Based Gaming Application for Product Promotion

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  •  Azure, ASP.NET, MS SQL

A creative and technical Australian based web agency that has grown as Australia’s most gifted digital strategy leads global super brands through end-to-end online solutions. The client’s development team has been awarded by Adobe as the best Rich Internet Application (RIA) team using Adobe Flex. Their history of building large systems places them in a niche position within the digital services market.

Web Based Gaming Application for Product Promotion

Client Pain Area

The client had a history of leading and building systems for super brands known globally and promoting their products. They aimed at coming up with a system that would attract more customers to make more business for their sponsors.

Business Objectives

The objective of the project was to introduce a new and unique concept of product promotion to convince the user to purchase the product. The client required a social game application with attractive graphics and multi-user functionality that would allow the customers to purchase the products with discounted rates. They required new interactive shopping game so that more number of users gets attracted to the application and the product selling of the respective sponsors can be increased.

They focused on attracting Sponsors to invest in this gaming application and get more business. The system needs to manage products and discounts based on player’s age and interested area. Also, the application should advertise the brand of sponsors and introduce new products of that brand. The site Administrator should be able to manage the users, their roles, products, sponsors and questionnaire from backend.

The system should provide facility of friend invitation for more user interaction and integrate the Eway and PayPal payment gateway for online payment. Game portal integration with social networking sites was another prime requirement of the client. They also wanted to implement video functionality for the product’s advertisement on frontend.

The Solution

  • Looking to the client’s requirement and future planning, Silver Touch has proposed ASP.NET as front end tool and MS SQL Server as a database.
  • Looking to the client’s planning and growth of the application, Windows Azure was suggested to provide a scalable application.
  • This application allows Sponsors to create the game based on their products and select services as per their requirements.
  • The application exhibits the adeptness towards marketing, advertising, branding, strategizing, product positioning and product registrations.
  • The system is designed in such a way that it can be used as a platform for promoting any products or services online.
  • The solution also contains shopping cart functionality with online payment and shipment functionality.
  • Silver Touch has proposed 3rd party payment gateway extension Eway for product shipment and PayPal for winning prize distribution to players.
  • In the proposed system, players can invite their friends using social networking sites.
  • Users can register themselves in two ways:
    • From the website using their email address or
    • via social networking sites – Facebook and Google Plus
  • Silver Touch has also proposed various 3rd party tool extensions such as Mail Chimp, FedEx (Shipping) and Mango Chat.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & FrameworkMS .Net Framework 4.0
LanguagesASP.Net, C# 4.0
DatabaseMS SQL Server 2008
EmailSMTP Server
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7.0/6.0
Operating SystemWindows 7/Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2008
ScriptJquery, JavaScript
ReportsMS SSRS / MS In-Build Reports
  • The key challenge of this project was integration of below 3rd Party Tools for various functions:
    • To create mail template
    • Video converter of Amazon
    • To send an email
    • Shipping Service
    • Sales CRM
    • Social Networking Invitations
    • Support Ticket Software
    • SSL Certificate
    • Payment Gateway
    • Chatting Tool
  • We had to take care while integration that these 3rd Party Tools do not clash with each other and also had to confirm that system runs smoothly without any sluggishness.
  • There was no clear functional specification, so the analyst and development team had to discuss with the client on day-to-day basis together and understand the project requirements.
  • We faced challenges in implementing unique concept to promote products and theme based gaming.
  • Social networking site integration and designing 3D Game Cube for main functionality of selecting game was also difficult.
  • Social Gaming Application is successfully built for product promotion with high level gaming graphics
  • Players are now able to invite their friends by either social networking site or mail
  • Sponsors can put product advertisement video to attract more and more customers
  • Login / Register through Social Networking Website helps user a fast access to the application
  • Azure Database for backend operations is used so it gives flexibility to increase or decrease the database size as per the requirement
  • Administrator can manage all backend operations and can set roles and permissions for other users
  • 3rd party tools for email, chatting, shipping, video conversion and payment gateway are successfully integrated
  • We have used graphics and themes according to game and products
  • Fun & Freebies for players
  • Effective marketing research tool for sponsors
  • Tool for brand positioning & promotions
  • Players can play game and purchase products at discounted rates
  • Players will also be able to get gift vouchers after playing the game
  • Sponsors can advertise their brand as well as new products for new brand
  • Players will be able to invite their friends to play game and get information about new products
  • Players may get more discount and gift vouchers by making group and play game as group and can get extra benefits by inviting friends