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Why Use Xamarin Cross Platform for Mobile Application Development?
As a Xamarin developer, Silver Touch can build faster, secure and better apps in less cost

Save Cost
Save Cost
Develop a single app for all platforms and cut down on cost of development
Save Time
Save Time
Code maintenance becomes faster and boosts team velocity due to code reusability
Reduce Errors
Reduce Errors
Writing less code generates fewer errors and makes coding less complex
Reuse Code
Reuse Code
Write the code once in C# and use the same code base across multiple development platforms
Improved Performance
Improved Performance
Integrate backend systems, 3rd party libraries, cloud services and UI controls directly into mobile apps
Automated Testing
Automated Testing
An integrated test cloud keeps checking and detecting bugs right from the development process
Share Code and Stay Native with the Hybrid Approach of XAMARIN.FORMS
Share Code and Stay Native with the Hybrid Approach of XAMARIN FORMS
Xamarin.Forms lets you build native user interface layouts using a single C# codebase. The shared code provides more than 40 cross-platform controls that can be mapped to native controls of Android, iOS, and Windows during runtime.

Why Xamarin.Forms?

  • With Xamarin.Forms, you can create UIs with a common code in C# codebase and retain the appropriate look and feel for each platform during runtime.
  • Xamarin.Forms also describes user interfaces using markup with Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML).
  • It uses Portable Class Libraries and Shared Code to reuse codes and build platform specific applications.
  • There is 90% code reuse and hence Xamarin.Forms is preferred for apps where code sharing is more important than custom UI.
  • It is recommended for forms-based LOB apps, data-entry apps and apps that require little platform-specific functionality.

Silver Touch delivers best-in-class solutions for cross platform mobile application development using Xamarin

  • Highly experienced and skillful team
  • Deliver quality solutions on time
  • Meet customer expectations with Agile Development
  • Continuous support and maintenance for developed apps
Mobile Application Development Using Xamarin

Xamarin Mobile Apps Development : Build Flexible and Quality Apps

Mobile Apps using Xamarin development are compiled for native performance and have access to all specific device features of each platform.
Native User Interfaces
Native User Interfaces:
Apps built in Xamarin follow standard, native UI controls
Native API Access
Native API Access:
Apps developed using Xamarin have access to all the functionalities of the underlying platform
Native Performance
Native Performance:
Apps built in Xamarin can take advantage of platform-specific hardware acceleration

Mobile App Development using common C# CodeBase
Deliver fast and reliable apps for iOS, Android and Windows by using a single code written in C#.

Xamarin uses a single C# code for apps of three different platforms.

Any code that is written using Objective C, Java or Swift can be written using C# in Xamarin.

Same C# code for building, testing and maintenance of multiple platform apps saves time of the developers.
Single Code Base

Why Hire Xamarin App Developers?

  • At Silver Touch Technologies, we have a skilled and dedicated team of Xamarin programmers well versed with all major development platforms, architectures and UI controls and paradigms.
  • Our team of Xamarin consultants has renowned experience in evaluating the client’s app requirements and offering robust mobile solutions and services across a broad range of complexities.
  • We offer to build, test and run services and provide native UI across all the main platforms for the highly secure and user-friendly apps developed using Xamarin technology.
  • Our expert team of Xamarin developers focuses on not only building cross-platform apps but also in innovating and staying updated to enhance app development and provide a well-equipped mobile ecosystem.
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