Energy Savings Application

Web Based Energy Saving Application

  •  Research & Public Sector
  •  Symfony, MYSQL

A leading IT solutions provider required a system that would control carbon emission and offer insights in energy savings to help create sustainable living environment.

Energy Savings Application

Client Pain Area

The client was unable to record carbon emission, which led to increased consumption of energy on a regular basis.

They were unable to identify potential savings area, as they could not record real-time data for the energy emission from the energy suppliers.

They could not track or monitor energy consumption details.

Business Objectives

The client wanted a system that could read the carbon emission and energy consumption data in real-time.

They wanted to build insights based on this data, which would help them offer energy savings potential to the end consumers.

The main aim was to reduce energy consumption to create a sustainable living environment

The Solution

We proposed a web based energy savings application using Symfony framework. The MySQL server was used to record data related to energy consumption and carbon emission.

The proposed solution was built on a logic that would help calculate energy savings area using the emission and consumption data received. The energy type is also measured within this solution.

Reports are generated for the consumption and emission as well as potential energy savings using this application.

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkSymfony framework 1.4
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache
Operating SystemLinux
  • Energy savings improved substantially
  • Monitoring of carbon emission helped reduce it drastically
  • Monitor and track carbon emission and energy consumption
  • Advance analytics and reports facility managers functionality to keep track of consumption and identify savings potential