Trafficstop Application

Trafficstop Application

Web Based Traffic Control Application

  • Research & Public Sector
  • Symfony, MYSQL

A leading IT solutions provider required a system that would automate the process of holding/stopping the traffic temporarily, when some work is being carried out on the national roads.

Client Pain Area

The client had to manually stop the traffic along roads where work was on. This led to traffic jam across these roads, which disturbed the whole process.

They had to manually inform, or use some such source to let people know that the roads would not be functional. This building traffic caused traffic management issues.

Business Objectives

The client wanted a system that would help automate the whole process of stopping the traffic whenever there is work being done along the roads. They wanted to streamline the traffic, and reduce the time taken to travel or to complete the work on these roads.
Their main aim was to fast-track the work done on the roads, and to manage the traffic at the same time.

The Solution

We proposed a web based traffic control application using Symfony, and with MySQL for database management. Our solution worked as the traffic control mechanism which would solve all issues related to traffic management.

The contractor requests the traffic stop using this application, which is passed on to the relevant department, based on which the traffic is controlled. There is a detailed mission within the system, which regulates the whole traffic, and allows the contractor to know who to contact to stop the traffic.

This solution aims to regulate the whole process efficiently, thus managing the work on the road and traffic simultaneously. The requests related to traffic stops are executed well with this application.

Case StudyTechnology

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology Specifications
Technology & Framework PhP – Symfony framework 1.2
Languages PHP
Database MySQL 5.x
Web Server/Hosting Platform Apache
Operating System Windows XP
Case StudyResults
  • Traffic management made easy
  • Enhanced control on the processes
Case StudyBenefits
  • Helps manage the traffic efficiently
  • The work on the roads are continued uninterrupted, with management of traffic