e-Commerce Web Solution

eCommerce Solution for Headphones Store

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A leading headphones company required an online solution, where they could collaborate with big brands, and offer the best-in-class products at excellent prices.

e-Commerce Web Solution

Client Pain Area

The client was a headphones store, which needed an online presence. They offered products from major brands with excellent deals. They wanted to reach out to the right audience, and increase their sales. The major problem was visibility, which hindered revenue generation.

Business Objectives

The client wanted to increase the user base for its website. They wanted to reach out to maximum people, and increase their profitability. They had designed a website, but were not satisfied with the reach it attained. The website was unable to achieve the conversions the client had set as their goal.

The Solution

We proposed a Magento 1.4 based eStore solution with MySQL 4x database. We offered optimum performance optimization to improve the performance of the store, and its reach. We have included various client side and server side techniques for the purpose of optimization. We have worked on multi-store setup, and integrated one-step checkout as well as checkout by Amazon for easy transactions. With SSL integration, we offer a secure store to the end users. Warehouse integration has enabled convenient and easy inventory management and logistics flow.

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkMagento-1.4.x
LanguagesPHP 5+
DatabasemySQL 4x
Web Server/Hosting PlatformLinux Server
Operating SystemLinux
  • By including the right client side and server side techniques, we had to optimize the performance of the store. This posed as a challenge, as we had to choose the right techniques, which will help us in the process.
  • Increased user base
  • Improved profitability with increased conversions
  • Improved and optimum performance of the website
  • Effective web presence attained