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Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling with SAP Business One Cloud ERP Solution

An enhanced manufacturing industry requires effective planning and scheduling of resources for smooth operation, process management, and resource utilisation. SAP Business One cloud ERP for manufacturing supports all advanced requirements of a modern manufacturing business.
It provides a complete integrated capacity planning, production, quality control, supply chain management to help decision makers achieve their business goals. In the manufacturing industry, SAP Business One Cloud ERP helps in effectively managing bills of materials (BOMs), production orders and material requirement planning.

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Following business functions of Manufacturing Companies are covered in SAP Business One for manufacturing:
  • Warehouse Management
  • Bin Location Management
  • Integrated Inventory Management System
  • Production Costing Plan and Actual
  • Quality Control and release Management
  • Accounting and Financials
  • Batch and Serial Management
  • Compliance and Maintenance
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Bill of Materials Management
  • Production Planning
  • Import and Export Management with necessary documents
  • Integration with industry equipment’s (PLC, CNC, etc.)
  • Production Terminals
  • External Manufacturing
  • Calculation/Product Costing
  • Version and Revision Control
  • MRP-Material Requirement Planning
  • Production Project Management
  • Production Data Collection
  • Product Configurator
  • Plant Maintenance and Service
  • Integrated Mobility Solution
How SAP Business One cloud ERP Can Help In your Manufacturing Industry:
  • Respond faster to a changing market by using analytics to track critical information about competitors, prices, and discounts.
  • Improve the customer experience with a collaborative approach that is supported by information sharing across digital business networks.
  • Maintain tight cost control by using real-time analytics to optimize operational processes.
  • Disrupt traditional business models and take your company to the next level by exploiting new opportunities offered by digital transformation.
  • Be ready to adapt to changing business models and ensure that you can scale quickly and flexibly to meet new requirements as your company grows.
  • Reduce time spent on administration with automated workflows that leverage techno- logy based on the Internet of Things and machine learning.
  • Access the information you need, quickly and easily, with in-memory computing solutions providing data updates in real time, so you can make decisions more quickly. Enhance decision making with real-time reporting in a format that suits your needs, such as with mana- gement dashboards.
  • Simplify tasks and streamline processes by using application technology with built- in, best-in-class business practices
  • Monitor your key performance indicators across all functional areas of your business in real time to track progress and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Monitor cash flow across the organisation to manage cash and inventory more efficiently.
  • Use your team members efficiently and reduce staff overhead through effective scheduling and by matching your available resources to your needs.
  • Cut the costs of IT ownership by purchasing integrated software – such as suite solutions rather than point solutions – so you have less to manage.
  • Practice strategic sourcing to lower costs associated with finding and qualifying suppliers by using advanced collaboration tools and business commerce networks.
  • Gain visibility into your operations to more accurately project required cash buffers.
  • Track “cash in and cash out” processes as they occur so that you can more tightly manage cash flow.
  • Reduce production costs by accessing data in real time to monitor
  • and control operations closely.
  • Use data insights to efficiently manage your staff, supply chain, and production operations, reducing inventory and resource requirements.
  • Develop a technology roadmap to support your business growth and help you achieve your digital transformation goals, giving you a competitive edge over companies that aren’t as innovative.
  • Analyze your performance in real time, compare actual results against a forecast, and proactively identify areas for improvement.
  • Simplify processes by integrating software across purchasing, finance, accounting, and the shop floor.
  • When you are expanding internationally, choose technology from vendors who understand global requirements such as tax legislation and provide solutions that help you stay compliant.

Industries benefiting from manufacturing solution

Aerospace and Defence
Industrial Machinery and Components
Packaging Industry
Food & Beverages
High-tech & Electronics
Metal Fabrication
Plastics Processing
Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals
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