Inventory Management System

SaaS Based Remote Inventory Management System

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  •  ASP.Net MVC, MSSQL 2008

A leading inventory management company that helped manage inventory at the point-of-use to increase sales and service levels, optimize inventory and eliminate stockouts required an automated solution that would aide in optimizing inventory as well as maximizing service levels at the remote stockroom, store or service vans, with maximum productivity and in a cost effective manner.

inventory management system

Client Pain Area

The client required a Web Based Application running on a Windows Server in place of their current Client-Server Based Desktop Application. They also wanted a Windows Mobile Application with scanning and high performance features to capture transactions at the Point-of-Use. With this new Web and PDA based application, the client had also planned many new features and functionality which were not available or not feasible in their current application.

Business Objectives

Below is the list of major features & functionality required by the client:

  • Facility to manage inventory of multiple enterprises with the help of enterprise level administrator
  • Total control with Super Administrator who can manage each and every function across all enterprises, companies, and stockrooms.
  • Enterprise can create multiple companies under them
  • Enterprise level users can only see information for their enterprise
  • Visibility of inventories across multiple Enterprises and Companies
  • Role based access for different level of users
  • Log to be maintained for all transactions for Audit Trail purpose
  • Off line storage for PDA device when network connectivity is not available and sync with the database when connectivity is resumed
  • Sensor based automated stock taking process

The Solution

We proposed a stock room management inventory system using ASP.NET (Web Application) and Windows 6/6.5 (PDA (POU) Application) with Agile Methodology. The web application was developed with MVC 4 which offers many advantages in web application development.

The client wanted to sell this product to their end clients, so we proposed a SaaS based application which would help them manage and keep stock of the individual inventory.

As part of the solution, we used PDA devices as suggested by the client to offer the ability to perform barcode scanning, which offers convenience in stock management.

The PDA application was so developed that it could be used in offline mode also. This way data can be stored locally in offline mode, and can be synchronized with the central database once internet connectivity is available

3rd Party Control (jQuery Data Tables) and 3rd Party equipment (Sensors) were implemented and integrated with this application for fast and accurate data management

Development Environment

Technology & FrameworkMicrosoft .Net 4.0 Framework, Microsoft Asp. Net MVC 4
LanguagesC#, JavaScript
DatabaseSQL server 2012 Express Edition
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7
Operating SystemWindows 7 SP1

Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkAsp. Net 3.5 CE (Windows Mobile), Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1
DatabaseSQL CE 3.5
Operating SystemWindows Mobile 6 & 6.5

a) 3rd Party Tool Integration

NameShort Description
BarcodeLibTo generate dynamic barcodes
CsvHelper.2.5.0To read Comma separated value(CSV) files and generate new file
ElmahTo log errors in database
Jquery and different plug insJquery helper library
Signal RRun time visual effect on web site on all clients
Newtonsof jsonUse to parse the json string to C# Objects
DynamiteLINQ Query Helper Library
ItextSharpTo Export data in PDF File
NPOITo read xls file and generate XLS file by Code.
Jquery DatatableTo view data in list format same as grid view
FCK EditorFor maintaining mail template text
Microsoft ChartTo Show visual implementation of data in form of charts


b) Other Challenges

  • Label Printing with customized Labels and Printing barcodes
  • SAAS Based remote stockroom inventory management
  • Jquery plug-in Data tables customization for filtering, sorting, re-order columns and multi delete data as per client’s requirement
  • eVMI Sensor reading and inventory bins stock checking / counting
  • Agile methodology for module wise development as per client’s preference
  • Offline PDA Sync and transactions
  • Multi Lingual web site with company wise resource label management
  • Email template management Language wise and room wise with FCK editor and fetching of same customized text on triggering the mail.
  • Dashboard with high level overview of inventory stock and Inventory tuning.
  • User Defined Fields in each module for additional information as per user’s needs
  • Customized export and import data
  • Defining same architecture as desktop application
  • Drag & drop panel as per user’s requirement in dashboard
  • Auto update notification for application update in PDA. It will update only latest changes instead of whole application
  • Client is now selling this SaaS based Remote Stockroom Inventory Management System to their clients and getting additional revenue
  • This application has removed limitations of client’s current client server Application
  • eVMI Sensor based inventory counting increased speed and accuracy
  • Online & Offline management from PDA device
  • Dynamic Dashboard for all modules and stock status with graphical representation of data
  • Automated Order and transfer creation based on Schedules improved performance
  • Auto update functionality is available to give notification to PDA users to update application
  • Web application instead of client server application so it eliminates manual work
  • Users can manage inventory using virtual inventory system
  • Users will be able to track their tools and assets as well as their maintenance on timely basis
  • Users can build and break kit of items as per their requirement
  • Users will be able to make quick list of items for quick orders of frequently used items and save lots of time
  • Users can keep track on inventory using remote sensors and Poll functionality
  • User can know about fast selling items and total inventory value using dashboard
  • Users can get details of suggested order items using replenishment cart
  • Customized barcode with PDF format can be generated dynamically for items, tools, assets, orders, and receipts.
  • Users can reflect offline changes using sync data with PDA
  • Users will be able to filter, sort, re-order, and delete grid data
  • Users can get email for tools and asset maintenance, sending orders and receiving etc.
  • User defined fields with dynamic dropdown are available in each module for additional information