Pilot’s Guide Application An Aviator’s Complete Resource for Bahamas and Caribbean Islands

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  •  Cocoawith Xcode 6.3 IDE

A leading guide that offers information on Bahamas and Caribbean islands to the pilots required an iPad solution that can be accessed anywhere at any time by the pilots thus improving their accessibility, mobility and decision making capabilities.

Pilot’s Guide Application An Aviator’s Complete Resource for Bahamas and Caribbean Islands

Client Pain Area

The client had been publishing spiral books that act as a guide to the pilots traveling to the Bahamas and Caribbean islands.

It contained the different details on the conditions prevalent in these islands, which is useful to the pilots.

The main issue was to locate the information that is needed on time. With the booklet, it took the pilots a long time to get to the information they are seeking.

Reading the information in low light was not easy, and carrying the booklet everywhere posed a problem too.

The booklet, though informative, was time consuming when it came to locating the information.

Business Objectives

The client wanted an application that would record all the details within the booklet, and make it accessible and mobile.

They wanted to make sure that locating information is easy, and is not too time consuming

The Solution

Silver Touch proposed an iPad based Pilot’s guide application for Bahamas and Caribbean islands using Cocoawith Xcode 6.3 IDE. This application will contain the airport information as well as travel & island related information in a concise format. The ‘Pilot’s Guide’ application is a PDF Reader with special features of search, bookmark and indexing for iPadusers. The application developed was user oriented, intuitive and interactive with smart visuals/graphics.

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & FrameworkCocoawith Xcode 6.3 IDE
LanguagesObjective – C
Operating SystemIOS 7.0 & above
  • Memory management in low device memory for PDF rendering
  • Handle PDF downloading from server in application background mode
  • Customization of complex user Interface like display PDF’s pages in landscape mode with curl effect
  • The app released in January 2016 saw 17 users for Bahamas and 16 users for Caribbean islands
  • In 2015, the app saw total 159 downloads for Bahamas and 92 downloads for Caribbean islands
  • Locating information was easy
  • Keeping a track of your information relevant to you made easy