Multi-channel Supply & Distribution Application

E-Commerce Application to Facilitate Multi-channel Sales & Distribution

  •  Wholesale/Supply Chain
  •  Magento

Two leading companies involved in liquor selling wanted a solution that would facilitate selling and distribution online, without disturbing their existing business models.

Multi-channel Supply & Distribution Application

Client Pain Area

The two different companies were into different types of liquor selling-one sold renowned drinks that were not easily available, while the other sold only specific brands.

The sale for the two companies was limited. They were both looking to expand their user base, and enter new sales channels.

They did not want to disturb the existing business model as that would affect their efficiency and productivity.

They needed to keep their existing identity and customers, but were looking for options to expand.

Business Objectives

The two companies with different business models wanted to collaborate facilitating multi-channel sales, which would help them expand while keeping their identities untouched.

They had inventory that needed to be distributed and managed, keeping track of over stocks and stock outs for the respective companies.

The end users of the companies should identify them with a single identity, but the inventory and other distribution channels would remain different.

The Solution

We proposed a multi-store solution using Magento with opensource code base. We offered a solution which would take into account user management, product & pricing as well as distribution and logistics management for the products sold by the client.

As part of the solution, we also offered inventory management solution which would automate the whole management of stock outs and over stock.

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkMagento Community Edition Ver 1.4
LanguagesPHP 5x Programming
DatabaseMy SQL 4x/5x Server Database
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache 2x Server
Operating SystemWindows/Linux
  • Multi-store development, while keeping the individual business models intact was a challenge. This required multi-channel sales & distribution integration.
  • The two companies have increased their individual user base drastically
  • The operational efficiency for the companies has increased substantially
  • The revenue growth has been substantial
  • Individual activity was captured for each department to give proper management of information.
  • The multi store website for B2B and B2C were successfully developed as per the requirements by the clients.
  • The website was developed which will have the activities like payment to the shipping to the domestic addresses