Xamarin Partner

Xamarin Partner

Great Experiences Result From Great Partnerships

Xamarin has rightfully emerged as an excellent platform for mobile app development. Just create a single code, and deploy your completely tested app across multiple platforms.

With Silver Touch-Xamarin partnership, we are set to take the faith leap towards a robust and well-equipped mobile ecosystem, which will offer excellent mobile solutions to our clients.

Our enhanced design & development capabilities combined with our thorough understanding of the digital disruption, we help you meet your business goals.

We also provide development & testing services on Xamarin Platform

Xamarin Development or Xamarin Testing

Why Xamarin?

  • Cross Platform: Xamarin offers the best-in-class development environment for cross platform apps combined with the advantages of modern & powerful IDEs with Visual Studio/Xamarin Studio, which boosts the entire app development process
  • Native Code: Get high performance compiled code along with complete access to the native APIs for the different platforms i.e. iOS, Android, Windows etc. This allows you to create native like apps to deliver device specific user experience. These apps are built using the native interface controls, with full API coverage as well as shared application logic & codebase
  • Xamarin TestCloud: The testcloud allows you to test your iOS & Android apps on numerous devices while offering continuous integration. This testcloud performs tests for fragmentation as well as object-based UI testing
  • C# Coding: Xamarin uses C# to build applications, and it is object oriented, modern and type-safe language which treats simple data types as objects. When combined with Microsoft’s ASP.Net framework, it helps in processing asynchronous programming with ease. The integration of .Net makes the platform powerful
  • Extra Plug-ins: With Xamarin, you don’t need to create extra plug-ins, as these apps are developed using standard UI controls, and these apps can easily access platform-specific functionality such as iBeacon and Android Fragment for device processing.

Our Expertise

We endeavor to deliver value to the global clients with the experience & expertise showcased by our dedicated Xamarin team. Along with offering highly capable solutions, we are known to innovate and keep ourselves updated. Our aim is to grow our user base with highly satisfied users by providing them secure apps with enhanced experience.

We offer build, test and run services on Xamarin platform

  • Xamarin Platform: Write apps with C# combined with the capability offered by ASP.Net framework and share the code across different OS i.e. Android, iOS, Mac, Windows etc.
  • Xamarin Test Cloud: Testing your apps with thoroughness to identify & remove bugs


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