Stock Management, Customer Relationship Management and Overpriced Cloud ERP

Learn to overcome three major issues facing your business: Stock Management, Customer Relationship Management and Overpriced Cloud ERP.

24th, 25th and 26th September 2019, 2.00 PM (GMT+1)

Most of the fast growing businesses looking to move to a scalable Cloud ERP, resist moving to the option because of the hefty price tag that comes along with the solution. If you are one of these businesses, this webinar is for you.

Also, if keeping track of inventory in real-time is challenging for you and you are wondering if your business needs a separate CRM to track sales, then join us for this webinar to get answers.

24th September

  • What are the Benefits of the SAP Business One Cloud offering for emerging businesses?
  • This presentation will look at the potential of investing in an SAP Business One solution deployed on the Cloud for businesses that think that SAP is too much product for them.
  • This presentation will focus on building a business case for Cloud as a low entry point investment in ERP

25th September

  • Stock Management and MRP with SAP Business One
  • Is your business having issues with over or understocking of items causing an issue with customer service?
  • This presentation will show how SAP Business one gives better visibility of your inventory and allows you to make decisions based on facts not gut.

26th September

  • Customer Relationship Management in SAP Business One.
  • Find out why you don’t need a separate CRM solution to manage your Sales and Opportunity pipeline.
  • This presentation shows how a sales team can be a proactive rather than reactive and ensure customer satisfaction.



Craig Buck is a very experienced Software Professional, been involved in the industry since 2005. He has worked with multiple ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence solutions including Sage, Microsoft, Infor, Qlik and now SAP. This gives him a substantial knowledge of the market and a deeper understanding of business needs.

He has dealt with customers from Distribution and Manufacturing through to Professional and Financial Services. Currently he works closely with a range of clients in wholesale and distribution. This wide range of practical experience makes him an ideal person to discuss potential enhancements to your company systems.