ERP Software for Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a dynamic force, constantly innovating and pushing boundaries. However, managing complex operations across various departments can be a challenge. Automotive ERP software offers a powerful solution, streamlining and automating your day-to-day tasks. This specialized software acts as the central nervous system of your business, integrating and automating crucial processes like procurement, production planning, and quality control.

Silver Touch, your trusted partner in automotive excellence, stands ready to unlock the full potential of ERP software for your business. Our expert implementation and upgrade services ensure a smooth transition and customized solutions tailored to your unique workflow.

Why Automotive Industry need ERP System?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a set of applications that helps organizations manage their business processes. It can be used to automate tasks such as supply chain management and financial analysis. ERP software has become an essential part of modern businesses, helping them improve efficiency and productivity by automating manual tasks so employees don't have to spend time doing them manually anymore. This frees up time for other important tasks like research, strategic planning and customer service - all things that will help you grow your business faster!

Quality Maintenance

Maintaining quality is a major challenge facing the automotive industry today. Due to the complexity of large plants, interrelated processes, and multiple departments, controlling quality can be extremely difficult. However, an automotive industry-specific ERP system can provide tailored modules to streamline processes and improve the quality control system.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is another significant challenge for the automotive industry, as monitoring warehouse movement and inventory management can reduce efficiency and disrupt the supply chain. An automotive ERP solution can improve inventory control and forecasting, enabling insightful decision-making and strengthening the supply chain.

Vendor Management

Efficient management of vendors and suppliers is crucial for maintaining the supply chain in the automotive industry. Increasing demand for vehicles and paper-based processes can create problems, but an automotive ERP system can manage invoices and streamline the ordering process with minimal manual intervention.

Human Resource Management

Remote plants and business diversification can cause problems in resource management and asset maintenance. However, a user-friendly ERP solution tailored to the automotive industry can efficiently manage all resources and provide real-time reports for every process on the dashboard for instant decision-making.

Financial Management

Financial management is also a challenge, with requirements to meet quotations, objectives for high profitability, process streamlining, and supplier issues. A customized automotive ERP system can help overcome these challenges.

Document Management

Lack of real-time access to important documents and data can negatively impact sales and marketing processes, causing issues related to collaboration and coordination across different departments. However, an automotive ERP software can ensure real-time access to corporate data.

Want to Give Your Automotive Company an ERP Advantage?

Benefits of Automotive ERP Software

SAP solution for the automotive industry has multiple built-in modules like quality control management, inventory management, costing and service management, finance management, etc. We, at Silver Touch, make your automotive ERP solution ready to address future challenges by integrating the necessary add-ons.

You can get a robust SAP solution for the automotive industry with benefits including-
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Better inventory management
  • Enhanced supply chain management
  • Increased visibility and transparency
  • Better Customer Services with Personalised Experience
  • Higher Visibility and Reduced Operational Costs
  • Real-time Reports for Accurate Decision-making

Why is Silver Touch the best ERP provider in USA

At Silver Touch USA, we strive to simplify the complexities of the automotive industry with fully integrated, quick-to-deploy, and fully compliant automotive ERP software. As an official SAP Partner, we deliver a 360-degree SAP solution for the automotive industry loaded with the necessary add-ons for your automotive plant.

As a web-based business management system, Silver Touch ERP automotive solution takes a holistic approach to enabling you to monitor and manage business operations across multiple units. You can easily manage multiple locations and departments on a centralized automotive ERP platform, and our team of experienced ERP professionals helps you at every stage.

A customised Silver Touch ERP system has features for accounting, CRM, HR, warehouse, production, and other departments to assist you to get rid of data redundancy and other issues. You can increase productivity and profitability with a higher ROI with our ERP automotive solution. Meet statutory compliance with our KPIs and automated features.

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FAQs on Automotive ERP Software

Automotive ERP software is a centralised solution that enables the automotive industry and related businesses to manage every aspect effectively. Automotive ERP is a one-stop solution for all the departments including sales, distribution, production, warehouses, financials, etc. spanned across different locations.

A custom ERP solution can streamline processes and bring automation in several business operations. Automotive manufacturers can get accurate information on customer demands, resources, employee engagement, and production status in real time with the help of ERP solutions for the automotive industry.

Our web-based ERP automotive solution can easily adapt to different business models with some programming efforts. As a minimal coding ERP automotive solution, it takes a maximum time of 25 working days for implementation.

SAP solution for the automotive industry is a reliable and cost-effective way to manage end-to-end operations. You can easily monitor and control processes across sales, customer relations, financial, accounting, and production departments with the help of an SAP automotive solution. We can assist you to make the solution more useful by adding the necessary add-ons.

Some of the top automotive companies including Mubea, TRW, Toyota, Bosch, and Mahindra & Mahindra are using the SAP automotive ERP solution. However, these companies and other organisations are now using the new SAP S/4 HANA, the next-gen ERP software, to get assistance in the digitizing supply chain, managing the skilled workforce, and mobility services.

Yes. SAP ERP software for the automotive industry is based on the cloud and therefore, it is highly scalable to manage operations for any size of the automotive plant.


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