Silver Touch provides end-to-end process automation solutions using RPA, Cognitive Bots and Business Intelligence. The capacity of RPA adaptability scales up to the industry needs. Ability to acclimate easily to manage increase in workload or as per business demands. In this Post Covid-19 Era, when the industry is looking for automation solutions for the processes that take enormous manual hours and are totally person dependent. During this technological revolution phase, where Digital Transformation is the key for many giant enterprises to adapt Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud based operations, it is RPA, Robotic Process Automation that is actually providing day-to-day business solutions at all levels of operations.

Silver Touch Technologies, being the leader in Software & IT solutions for more than two decades, has taken a big leap to help medium to large industries transform their business operations, with digital transformation technologies. Silver Touch provides RPA solutions in varied fields/domains/technologies.

Silver Touch being the Center of Excellence for RPA Consultation and Solutions operates from base, identifies areas to automate, and helps in automating your daily mundane tasks with expertise and ease. Industries are experiencing the upward scale in productivity by 75-80% by automating the processes. Industries are realizing the need of automation as they are look at high productivity with less cost. Emerging technologies are also adding to need.

Rely on your ERP Virtual Assistant
  • Interacts with multiple application interfaces
  • Automates data entry/validations
Lead Team with Bots
  • Leads the teams acts as per decisions
  • Works in attended mode
Enterprise Level Scalability and Productivity
  • In built Business Analytics allow Measure and Manage productivity
  • Bank Grade Security & Audit Logs

Silver Touch – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services


Process Discovery-First Step towards RPA Journey

First step being the foundation for RPA implementation Process Discovery makes an important aspect towards RPA Journey. It is difficult to identify the process for automation as many of the business/process owners are facing the variations in the processes in real time. It makes an important phase before going for automation, to identify the right process for automation. We have team of RPA Experts with Subject knowledge and experience in Process Study. As the RPA experts, they study the current process and find out the suitable process for automation.

Process Discovery involves process walk through and by using the feasibility calculator we identify the process for automation. Based on the Feasibility index, the process will be selected for automation.

“Look out for Expert Process Scrutiny & Process Selection for Automation!”

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Automation Consultancy

Silver Touch RPA Consultants primarily focus on the critical processes and RPA opportunities and refer a bird-view on your existing processes and highlight the areas where you can implement RPA. When you want to implement robust systems in place, automate daily tasks that takes ample of operative time and really want to improve cost effectiveness of the amount spent of day-to-day tasks, RPA is the immediate solution and can be implemented within days to months’ time and without changing your legacy systems. Silver Touch has a pool of experts with Master Certification in RPA.

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Bot Development & Implementation

Enterprise level security is our main concern. Now with secured framework, the business owners as well as the RPA consultants can simply rely on highly secured Bot Development process. Our Bot development best practices involve data confidentiality and data integrity.

Bot Development and Implementations involves typical Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases.

bot development life cycle

bot-life-cycle bot-life-cycle

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RPA -Support & Maintenance

Silver Touch provides 24/7 RPA Support. Our RPA Technical Architects and RPA Masters, help you get out of the Bot related problems and get the issues resolved in less time frame.

Robotic Process Automation reduces the operational complexity. Silver Touch RPA Support Team ensures that your Bots run untiringly, without any interruption. Our Customer-focused support wing takes care of your Bot related issues if at all any and keeps your Business running.

RPA – Trainings

Our Authorized Center of Excellence provides world class RPA Trainings for Corporates and individuals. Win the Technology by acclaiming expert training sessions from Silver Touch.

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