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Don’t you think leading ERP software systems are unnecessarily complicated? We use ERP to simplify our business process. Yet the ERP systems themselves seem so complicated that sometimes they increase the complexity of operating the business. This is where Odoo comes in.

Odoo throws the complexity out of ERP. It is the ERP for modern businesses, offering you a polished UI and a satisfying user experience. Yet, Odoo is as powerful as those legacy ERP software systems providing everything a business needs to automate and manage its processes.

The USP of Odoo is its focus on a clean interface and a modular approach to building the system. Odoo itself likens each feature of its ERP system to a Lego block. Just like a Lego block is combined to make awe-inspiring structures, the modules of Odoo can be combined to build an awe-inspiring backend to manage the business process.

Why Choose Odoo ERP?

Built on Open Source Framework

Odoo Enterprise is built on an open-source framework. This means the product enjoys the luxury of accumulating cutting-edge features, as anyone can add new ones. With the commercial edition of Odoo, you get the added benefit of security and stability, which are baked into the ERP software.

Simple But Not Simplistic

In a world where complex ERP overwhelms business leaders, Odoo offers a breath of fresh air by offering a simple and clean UI. It is easy to understand and work with. At the same time, Odoo isn’t a toy ERP - it offers the same high-end functionalities as SAP or Netsuite.

Offering Both On-Pre & Off-Pre Versions

Odoo offers the power of the cloud. It runs smoothly in the browser for businesses that want the flexibility of using SaaS-based ERP software. Again, for businesses that need to secure enterprise data in a strict manner, Odoo also offers the On-Pre flavor of its ERP.

Much More Than Just an ERP

Odoo offers much more than just traditional ERP functionalities. Odoo has a solution for every aspect associated with the smooth management of the business. From traditional ERP functionalities to CRM features, from marketing automation tools to HR - Odoo can literally run your business. It even has a fully integrated website builder!

Odoo Offers a Centralized Business Management Platform

With more than 10,000 applications in its arsenal, Odoo can serve businesses in a 360-degree manner. This means that businesses don’t need to use any other second software to manage their processes. Can you imagine how lean and simple Odoo can make your business?

Ease of Implementation

As an official Odoo implementation partner, Silver Touch Technologies ensures 100% successful implementation of this ERP software. Unlike legacy ERP software, Odoo is quite easy to implement. With Silver Touch by your side, you can expect not just 100% successful implementation but fast implementation as well.

Why Choose
Silver Touch for

Silver Touch Technologies is an official Odoo implementation partner, which means we have all the necessary expertise Odoo wants in its partners. We have a dedicated department that concerns Odoo only.

Both MSME-Friendly & Large Business-Friendly Implementation

We know for a fact that Odoo can be adapted by both MSMEs and large businesses. But we’re also aware that the requirements of MSMEs and large businesses can vary significantly. At Silver Touch Technologies, we customize our implementation process depending on whether our client is an MSME or a large business. This makes sure that businesses get what they expect from the implementation.

Odoo Customization

Odoo is like a liquid - it can take the shape of the internal structure of the business where it is implemented. At Silver Touch Technologies, we help businesses leverage this flexibility of ERP software. Instead of resorting to templatized implementation, we customize each Odoo implementation so that the ERP software perfectly fits into the company’s process.

Master Data Migration

The success of ERP software depends on how thoroughly the implementation partner migrates the master data of the business. Remember: a business that has never used ERP software prior to Odoo implementation will have its data scattered across many legacy systems. We do the hard work for you and organize your enterprise data with the aim of exporting it to the new and shiny Odoo ERP!

Why Silver Touch Technologies?

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Our Implementation Process

As a CMMI level 5 company, Silver Touch Technologies employs a professional approach to implementing Odoo ERP. We follow clearly defined and strictly followed steps while implementing an ERP.

Requirement Analysis

Every ERP implementation must start with requirement analysis. We examine the pain points and needs of the client so that we can have a clear roadmap and KPI in front of us.

Examine If Custom Integration Needed

Based on the requirement, we examine if the client has some needs that the native features of Odoo can’t fulfill. In that case, we need to plan for custom integrations.


It is only in the third stage we implement and build Odoo as per the requirement and needs. Migration of enterprise data is also conducted in this stage.

Quality Checking

Once the implementation is complete, we test the ERP system and make sure that the system is production-ready. Once the system is production-ready, the company can slowly migrate to the new system.

Continuous Support

As a responsible ERP vendor, we know well that a company’s success depends very much on the ERP system. This is why we keep ourselves available for all the clients to make sure that they don’t feel orphaned while navigating the new system.

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