Choose the Appropriate SAP Business One Add Ons for Your Business

SAP Business One has a flexibility to develop and implement add-ons on top of your SAP solutions to meet specific business needs. Silver Touch offers a range of SAP Business one add ons list that has been developed taking into consideration the various operational requirements of each enterprise. All the add-ons are designed to enhance your specific business requirements and processes. SAP Business One SDK (Software Development Kit) provides coding access to SAP Business One’s business logic through an object-oriented layer. It allows SAP Business One partners and customers to enhance the functionality of SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Add Ons for Your Business

BI Pack 360 Tableau

BI Pack 360 is a feature-rich SAP Business One add-on for reporting, budgeting, and analyzing various business processes across different departments in companies of all sizes.

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BEAS Manufacturing

Agile and flexible manufacturing processes can help you thrive in a competitive business scenario. The Beas Manufacturing software for SAP Business One can help you face challenges in the sector with consistent quality in a range of products.

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Boyum IT Add-ons

Boyum add-ons for SAP Business One help users stay connected, increase productivity, and grow their businesses. These add-ons have been installed in thousands of SAP B1 solutions globally and are very popular in various industry sectors.

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Silver Warehouse Management System

Silver Warehouse Management System (SilverWMS) is a web-based solution that has been integrated with SAP Business One for advanced warehouse management solutions.

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Sharperlight Add-on

A proven and powerful add-on for advanced reporting and data analysis, Sharperlight is your perfect tool with SAP Business One.for improved decision-making.

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Customer Portal Solutions

Customer portal enhances business efficiency by providing instant access to critical data, Streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate your business performance with this integrated solution.

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QC System Add-on

It is an extensive add-on for SAP B1 to track quality checks in line with business-specific parameters and actionable insights of various industry sectors.

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Vendor Portal Solutions

Vendor portal solutions can tackle the challenges of vendor management and procurement pain points. A user-friendly portal can centralise all your orders and purchase quotations within the ERP.

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