Execution of quality control-related activities is crucial for ensuring product excellence in the realm of manufacturing industries. These activities span in-process operations, in-house production procedures, and pre-dispatch quality assessments. Our comprehensive and user-friendly Quality Control (QC) System add-ons are adept at managing quality processes across the diverse stages of manufacturing, addressing varied scenarios.

As an integrated add-on tailored for SAP Business One (SAP B1), our QC solution facilitates industries in aligning quality assessments according to their specific business parameters.Our advanced Quality Control solution effectively tackles multiple challenges and scenarios related to quality inspections and both quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Do you aspire to enhance manufacturing processes through an effective quality control process?

What Our QC Add-on Offers?

The primary objective of our QC add-on is to empower manufacturers and entrepreneurs to record and manage their quality management data systematically. Here's an overview of what our QC system add-on for SAP Business One has to offer:

Inclusive Quality Control

Our Quality Control add-on empowers you to perform quality checks at each stage of the production process. This minimizes human errors, upholds quality standards, reduces operational expenses, and conserves valuable resources.

High Customization

Our add-on offers customization, allowing you to tailor the ways and parameters employed for quality assurance checks. This includes sample management, batch numbers, and serial numbers for all products within the production unit.

Enhanced Decision-Making

The automation of transferring products from production units to the warehouse requires multi-step inspections. Our QC add-on efficiently manages this process within SAP Business One.

Comprehensive Records

You can get Quality Inspection Reports for every batch of items that enable you to track past quality assessments, sample loss, and production performance. These records are useful in strategic decision-making.

Features of the QC Add-on in SAP Business One

Key features of the Quality add-on for SAP Business One include:

Quality Management

This feature encompasses processes throughout incoming material receipt, in-process phases, in-house production, and pre-dispatch stages. Quality Management is vital in assuring the quality of finished goods and products.

Quality Control Master Data

This component incorporates crucial data elements such as process parameters, work center information, inspection plans, and defects master. These data elements are indispensable for the analysis, tracking, and reporting.

Quality Inspection

It includes sample management, inspection by batch and serial numbers across all the containers, results recording, usage decision, and recording sample loss for making insightful decisions in real-time.

Quality Certificate Generation

Direct inventory transfers to the warehouse require accurate quality inspection outcomes. Users can select batch and serial numbers during inventory transfer with this tool and generate quality inspection reports.

Benefits of Embedded QC with SAP B1

The Embedded QC add-on in SAP Business One stands as a robust tool, suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering the means to enhance product quality and reduce operational costs. It seamlessly integrates quality control procedures with the SAP B1 system, simplifying the tracking and management of quality data throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Embedded QC aids businesses in averting product recalls by identifying and addressing quality issues prior to customer exposure. Moreover, by elevating product quality, this feature contributes to increasing revenue and profitability for manufacturers.

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