Get the Advantage of Improved Decision-making with BI Pack 360-Tableau

BI Pack 360-Tableau is a reliable and user-friendly add-on, specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. As an advanced business intelligence (BI) tool for SAP Business One, BI Pack 360 can analyze, budget, and report the data to improve the decision-making process of SMBs. BI Pack 360-Tableau is a tailor-made add-on developed by one of the most trusted SAP partners in the USA, Silver Touch Technologies USA.

Dashboards for accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and sales analysis management can give real-time reports from anywhere. BI Pack 360-Tableau has separate dashboards for CFOs and CEOs to facilitate the decision-making process using accurate reports. Our SAP Business One specialists offer extensive support to BI Pack-360 so that you can get the best performance from the add-on.

Give Your Business New Strength to Grow with BI Pack 360-Tableu Add-on.

Types of Dashboards

Different dashboards in the BI Pack 360-Tableau keep all employees of your company on a single page and assist you in monitoring the entire business process.

Accounts Receivable Management Dashboard

It provides real-time insights into a company’s account receivable (AR) performance. As a reporting tool, it monitors days sales outstanding (DSO), aging reports, and accounts receivable turnover across departments. It can also track the performance of various teams and help users identify key areas of improvement.

Accounts Payable Management Dashboard

It is useful in getting real-time information about the accounts payable (AP) process. Accountants and other executives of sales can identify key trends, opportunities, and areas of improvement in the accounts payable (AP) process. This visual reporting tool also tracks total accounts payable, current accounts payable, etc.

Sales Analysis Management Dashboard

It provides sales managers with a real-time overview of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) related to sales including sales revenue, number of new leads, win rate and close rate, health of sales pipeline, and top-performing services. This dashboard shows reports on key metrics and trends to help the sales department make decisions.

Inventory Dashboard

It is a useful tool to get a real-time view of inventory levels of your business. You can track total inventory value, stockout rate, lead times, and inventory turnover rate with the help of an inventory dashboard. It displays the stock of all the products and raw materials on a single dashboard to help you make quick decisions related to stocks.

CFO Dashboard

It displays all financial reports and other account or finance-related information as and when necessary. Accountants, finance executives, and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company can use this reliable tool to know the real-time financial situation of the company and make the necessary decisions or report the same to the company management.

CEO Dashboard

It enables CEOs to track every activity across different departments and streamline the process. Companies can benefit from having real-time insights about production, procurement, inventory, and financials using the CEO dashboard. It can assist CEOs to achieve business goals and grow their companies with reporting and budgeting.


BI 360 Reporting is an advanced and accurate report writer with excellent financial and operational reporting capabilities. You can get the report as and when required in different layouts and formats. BI 360 Reporting tool offers collaborative functionality to enable managers to take steps in the case of major discrepancies.

This tool can successfully eliminate the need for manual entries for intercompany transactions and internal processes. You can get creative reports with complete accuracy using the drag-and-drop functionality. It facilitates you to export and reformat reports in different forms to get the desired outcome.


BI 360 Budgeting is the right solution for businesses of all sizes to meet budgeting requirements. It helps you improve financial planning, make accurate decisions, and save time by increasing the efficiency of various processes. It can play a vital role in implementing strategies, making forecasts, and achieving business goals by analyzing budgets and various costs.

BI 360 Budgeting simplifies complexities and streamlines the planning process. It is also useful in strengthening collaborative planning for the effective implementation of various financial strategies and making budgetary forecasts. You can analyze various ‘what-if’ scenarios accurately with the BI 360 Budgeting tool.

Benefits of BI Pack 360Benefits of BI Pack 360

As a powerful BI tool, BI Pack 360 can bring all business-critical functions together and give real-time insights into various processes. Here are some of its key benefits-

Streamlined Processes

It tracks the entire process and keeps the management in the loop for making quick decisions and accurate implementation. As a result, you can streamline the process and increase the overall efficiency with a proper analysis.

Real-time Insights

It offers real-time insights into KPIs and other necessary parameters. BI Pack 360-Tableau is helpful for accessing corporate data from anywhere and anytime. It further enhances the decision-making process and increases your company’s productivity.

Drill-down Capabilities

These capabilities enable you to investigate your data in detail so that you can get the advantage of research and identify the root causes of any challenge. This tool also helps you identify key trends and patterns for your company.

Advanced Reports

You can get interactive reports to explore and analyze data in multiple ways, It is essential to understand business processes and the challenges you face in executing them. Advanced reports are also useful in furnishing budget and audit-related information.

Customizable Dashboards

BI Pack 360 solution comes with multiple dashboards, and every dashboard is customizable to meet diverse reporting and business requirements. BI Pack 360 has dashboards for the CEO, CFO, sales, and account executives.

Increased Competitiveness

BI Pack 360 can provide you with the necessary insights to make informed decisions about products and services. You can track the process and keep all employees on a single page with the help of this SAP Business One add-on. It boosts the competitiveness of your company.

How BI Pack 360-Tableau Brings Transformation in Processes

Excellent reporting and budgeting with analysis capabilities make BI Pack 360-Tableau a go-to tool for forward-looking companies. It uses advanced technology that empowers modern businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Would you like to know the scope of BI Pack 360 or learn how it can transform business processes in your company?

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