Vendor Portal Overview

Silver Touch facilitates its clients to establish two-way communication with vendors on quotes, requisitions, bids, and purchases through a well-built portal. Our well-built vendor portal solutions can align with your business processes and enable you to get logical workflows and save time. We can make customized solutions to strengthen vendor relations for your company.

Our vendor portal solutions are capable of addressing the challenges of managing vendors and the pain points of procurement. A user-friendly vendor portal can keep all your orders and purchase quotations in one place within the ERP to ensure easy and secure access. You can track and compare RFQs and issue Purchase Orders (POs) to selected vendors whenever necessary.

Key Features: Vendor Portal for SAP B1

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Real-time Data

Users can view real-time data about the order status, invoices, payment history, etc. using a vendor portal.

Anytime Access

A bespoke vendor portal can offer seamless and secure access to the necessary information anytime.

Workflow Automation

You can automate certain tasks including the approval of invoices and payments using the vendor portal.


This feature helps you get reports and analytics to ensure better management and improve decision-making.

Mobile Access

Our custom vendor portal is accessible from mobile devices to get the necessary information on the move.

Want to Give Your Business an Edge with an Integrated, Customized Vendor Portal Cost-effectively?

Benefits: Vendor Portal for SAP B1

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Increased Speed and Accuracy

Our custom vendor portal enables you to get rid of daunting paperwork and transform legacy processes into an advanced system with increased speed and more accuracy.

Real-time Monitoring

You can access bids, account updates, and other vendor activities as and when necessary after entering into our vendor portal solution. It can save you time, resources, and effort.

Enhanced Visibility

You can use an interactive and advanced portal dashboard to evaluate vendor history and overall performance at any time. Our custom portal enhances the visibility of transactions.

High Customization

We assist you in tailoring a vendor portal as per your business model and requirements so that your team can interact with vendors quickly and conveniently.

Effective Communication

A vendor portal solution acts as a reliable communication channel for vendors and suppliers. You can make sure that your vendors can see all your requests for bids and confirmations.

SAP Integration

As an official SAP Partner, we help you integrate your tailored vendor portal with SAP Business One or other SAP solutions to make the most of advanced features and functionality.

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