Customer Portal Overview

Our ready-to-use portal enables you to provide your customers, stakeholders, and employees with quick access to information on a 24/7 basis. As a secure and personalized platform to view all the accounts in a standard browser, a customer portal solution promotes self-service and integration with SAP Business One. Your company can enable customers to view invoices, pay bills, place new orders, make queries, and track deliveries anytime using the portal.

A tailored customer portal solution empowers users with full control over access to their information. It offers a single point of access to your company’s relevant information on any device. Our team integrates the customer portal with SAP Business One for automated data transfer. You can save time, money, and energy with this self-service portal and focus more on other productive activities of your business.

Key Features: Customer Portal for SAP B1

Real-time Account Details

Customers can get access to their statements for online payments and order placement using our tailored customer portal. Your customers can also access account details in real-time on mobile devices and desktops.

Multicurrency and Multilingual Support

This feature enables users to see the Customer Portal content in their languages. It also facilitates your customers to make payments and view balances or pricing in any currency across the world.

Online Payments

You can offer easy and secure online payment options. Your customers can pay through their credit cards. As a result, you can streamline transactions and complete the process quickly to save time for your customers.

Secure Access

You can give your customers unique usernames and passwords to protect their access to confidential information and account details. Secure access for all users is one of the key features of our customized portal solution.

Order Pad

An easy-to-use Order Pad facilitates your customers to add items and view order statuses. Your customers can easily purchase and your fulfillment teams can eliminate the need to call or email regarding orders.

24/7 Self-service

Be it profile information, tracking order shipments, or accessing billing and payment information, the self-service feature can assist customers in viewing all the necessary details on a 24/7 basis.

Looking to offer your customers secure access to the necessary information anytime?

Benefits: Customer Portal for SAP B1

Anytime Access

A tailored customer portal solution offers anytime access to account information. It can increase the customer satisfaction ratio for your business.

Reduced Time

Less administrative work and automation through a self-service portal can save a lot of productive time for your team members that they can use in other productive tasks.

Increased Accuracy

A seamless integration with SAP Business One enables the customer portal to give accurate and real-time order information from anywhere.

Improved Communication

Anytime access to detailed reports, invoices, and real-time order statuses can reduce daily inquiries and improve communication with your customers.

Loyal Customer base

Our customized portal solutions can increase customer satisfaction. Anytime access to accurate information can help you gain a loyal customer base.

Improved Visibility

A self-service portal can increase the visibility of transactions and account details for your customers, which is necessary for stronger relationships.

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