Get Beas Manufacturing Software to Reduce Operational Costs

High productivity and quality are essential to compete in a highly competitive manufacturing sector. Every manufacturer needs to cope with order volume, changing customer requirements, rapid product development, and variations in products to stay ahead of the curve. At Silver Touch Technologies, we understand these challenges and make your manufacturing company ready to increase production without compromising on quality with Beas manufacturing.

As a robust and scalable platform in SAP Business One, Beas Manufacturing enables manufacturers to enhance collaboration and process execution. As an add-on to SAP B1, Beas Manufacturing can improve performance and increase asset reliability. Your company can get benefits like improved BOM agility, quality enforcement, and better consumer traceability with Beas Manufacturing software.

Beas Manufacturing Features for Supply Chain Management

Beas Manufacturing add-on for SAP Business One can make your industry smarter and more capable of managing the supply chain effectively.

Supports Subcontract Manufacturing

A subcontracting management feature helps manufacturers increase production and reduce various costs by outsourcing some tasks related to making complex or high-demand products to other specialized companies.

Assists in Managing Inventory

Two inbuilt features real-time reporting and MRP I, II are useful in avoiding product shortages in the manufacturing industry. You can adjust material requirements and plan according to real-time production reports.

Automates Shop Floor Data Collection

Beas Manufacturing add-on can automate the data collection process for the manufacturing shop floor. You can obtain data on production quantities, processes, and energy for any given period.

Manages Multi-level Projects

Beas Manufacturing has a project management module to enable manufacturers to create and manage multi-level projects by tracking time, adding activities, defining budgets, and calculating their costs.

Slash Manufacturing Costs with Beas Manufacturing

Most manufacturers give a top priority to reducing operational costs. Beas Manufacturing, with its effective modules and seamless performance, enables various possibilities including-

Looking for a Powerful SAP B1 Add-on to Address the Challenges of Your Manufacturing Company?

BEAS Manufacturing Improves Flexibility and Production Efficiency

Beas Manufacturing is a flexible and scalable software suite that we can tailor to the specific requirements of your company. Some of its key benefits include-

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Beas Manufacturing has built-in tools for planning and scheduling. These tools allow production managers to schedule the factory workload according to resource capacity and material availability.

Version- Revision Control

Manufacturers find it challenging to manage revisions of items and multi-level BOMs. With Beas Manufacturing, you can easily manage active and complex BOMs for the same item simultaneously.

Product Configurator

Product configurator in Beas Manufacturing facilitates manufacturing companies to build configurable, multi-option, and customizable products. It can reduce lead times, and automate quotation documentation.

Industries we serve

Silver Touch Technologies USA offers a scalable Beas Manufacturing add-on in SAP Business One. to companies that depend on manufacturing including,

Wholesale and Distribution
Food and Beverages
Professional Services

Why Choose Us as Your Support and Implementation Partner

At Silver Touch Technologies USA, our focus remains on making the right business solution for your company. As your reliable and renowned technology partner, we assist you in achieving business objectives. As an official SAP Partner with a proven track record of deploying solutions successfully, you can count on us to get a robust SAP Business One solution with the necessary add-ons.

We provide our partners and customers with on-site training workshops, eLearning courses, and other necessary technical assistance based on more than two decades of experience in the manufacturing sector.

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