Boyum add-ons for SAP Business One foster connectivity, enhance productivity and facilitate business expansion for users. These add-ons boast thousands of installations within the SAP B1 ecosystem globally, making them highly popular across diverse industry sectors. Regardless of the scale or scope of their enterprises, Boyum add-ons can assist corporate users to elevate their productivity significantly.

Boyum add-ons are instrumental in driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness, affording organizations the opportunity to realize substantial time and monetary savings. You can choose one of the several Boyum add-ons available to customize your solution and start taking advantage of SAP Business One.

B1 Usability Package (B1UP)

Corporate users can customize the interface and workflows of SAP B1 using the B1 Usability Package (B1UP), an advanced toolkit that can eliminate the need for changing the code. It is one of the most popular SAP Business One toolkits and over 4000 SME owners use it across the world.

Features of B1UP enable businesses of all sizes to leverage the benefits of SAP Business One. B1UP possesses easy-to-use tools that improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy by automating core business processes. You can take your company to the next level with improved data quality and a refined SAP Business One dashboard in B1UP.


B1 Usability Package (B1UP) offers the following features to improve the productivity and efficiency of the SME-

B1 Dashboards

Dashboards have interactive widgets to analyze real-time data for making accurate and data-driven decisions. All user-friendly B1 dashboards can access different data at once to give a complete picture.

Data Visualisation

Users can get a rich visual experience as this feature displays the corporate data in eye-catching charts and pop-up dashboards. It keeps all the team members on the same page and improves the collaboration.

Crystal Reports

Crystal reports have a vital role to play in the decision-making process and data audits. B1UP has several layouts to save crystal reports. These reports are print-friendly and useful in making insightful decisions.

Custom Reports

You can get fully customizable reports based on HANA or SQL using this feature. When B1UP is integrated into SAP Business One, accurate reports can give users a clear idea of various processes to make decisions.


Successful companies thrive in the realm of establishing significant customer relationships. Their adeptness at sealing deals is enhanced through improved interactions and the cultivation of trustworthy partnerships. CRM FOR OUTLOOK emerges as a highly effective solution for nurturing enduring business relationships, offering a multitude of pivotal advantages to propel your company toward exceptional outcomes.

For organizations that rely on Outlook as a cornerstone of their customer interactions, CRM FOR OUTLOOK serves as the quintessential CRM integration tool. As a sophisticated customer relationship management solution, it seamlessly facilitates the execution of SAP Business One tasks directly within the Outlook environment. This empowers enterprises with the ability to promptly engage with leads and customers through instant access to pertinent data.


CRM for Outlook focuses on enhancing internal and external communication based on Microsoft Outlook. Its top features include-

Link to SAP Business One

Users can send emails and link to SAP Business One records using Outlook. You can save emails in SAP B1 and access them whenever it is necessary.

UDF Customisation

Users can select User-defined Functions (UDFs) for Outlook, allowing them to customize how prospective or existing customers view their emails. This feature can enhance customer engagement by providing them with a more personalized experience.

Call Skype or Lync Contacts

It facilitates users to initiate calls with their customers using Skype. Additionally, it makes it possible to use Google Maps to pinpoint the customer's location and then seamlessly connect with them via Skype.

B1 Print & Delivery

The ability to communicate swiftly and efficiently with employees, customers, and suppliers can be a game changer for modern businesses. The B1 Print & Delivery (B1P&D) tool offers companies a way to streamline communication through automation, all the while maintaining the personal touch necessary for effective engagement with their target audience. With its extensive feature set and adaptable logic, B1P&D can address a wide range of scenarios.

B1P&D empowers employees to optimize their productivity by automating routine communication-related tasks, such as email management, document and report viewing, printing, and archiving. Furthermore, as a SAP B1 tool, it fosters team collaboration by facilitating the delivery of tailored messages. It has several collaborative tools for the exchange of activities and internal messages within SAP Business One, enhancing synergy among team members.


B1 Print & Delivery's features assist small and mid-sized businesses to maintain continuity and control the entire document-handling process. Some of its top features are-

Maintain Continuity

B1P&D enables users to create fixed rules to automate actions in the document-handling process. You can maintain consistency across your business by facilitating the handling of all documents in the same way.

Create Custom Layouts

Different types of customers and branding needs require specific types of layouts for documents with particular fonts and colors. You can also give documents a personalized touch by adding customer-oriented information.

Track Real-time Status

It assists users in seeing the status of every document. Also, it is possible to set the deadline for each stage to ensure real-time handling of necessary documents and generating performance reports regularly.

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