Sharperlight- Get the Advantage of Advanced Reporting and Analysis Tool for SAP B1

As one of the most intuitive and comprehensive toolsets for reporting and analyzing for SAP Business One, Sharperlight enables users to unleash the potential of corporate data. As a popular business intelligence add-on, it can help you manage crucial data across various singular or multiple applications.

Sharperlight add-on can assist all SAP B1 users to get meaningful insights from the available data and accurate reports. It can fetch data from various data sources and analyze it thoroughly to enable users to improve their decision-making through actionable insights. Sharperlight can help you save time and give you excellent visibility of your corporate data.

Key Characteristics of Sharperlight Add-on

Interactive Reporting

As a smart reporting and analytics add-on for SAP Business One, Sharperlight helps users simplify data for better understanding. It offers a range of dashboards, customized report packs, and a powerful engine with an integration framework that delivers simplified business intelligence with a single click.

Affordable Business Intelligence

Sharperlight is a BI solution that runs across SAP Business One, and any business using SAP B1 can leverage its benefits. It provides an affordable way to meet the varying needs of all types of SMEs and startups with a rich range of advanced BI features such as Web Reporting and Query Builder.

Share Company Data Intelligence

Sharperlight facilitates users to make changes to their SAP Business One data directly from the web or excel. It can improve collaboration and data sharing across different departments of your company. This functionality makes Sharperlight one of the highly advanced and affordable BI solutions.

Future-Proof Operations

You can transform data for either single or multiple enterprise systems using Sharperlight. It enables you to run consolidated reports across multiple organizations over either SQL or SAP HANA databases in real time. You can make your business operations ready for the future with this BI tool.

Sharperlight Add-on - Complementing SAP Business One

Sharperlight is a BI and reporting add-on for SAP Business One. It integrates seamlessly with SAP B1 to offer companies a range of dashboards, customized reports, and analytics tools that can simplify data and transform it into actionable insights. Sharperlight can improve the decision-making process along with SAP Business One.

As a complementary solution to SAP Business One, Sharperlight can make the most out of data gathered by SAP B1 and enables users to make better decisions based on insights. It assists SMEs to improve their business performance through integrating with SAP B1.

Add Value to Your Business with Affordable Yet Advanced Sharperlight Add-on!

Top Sharperlight Features that Benefit Modern Businesses

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Financial Reporting

A simple yet smart Excel Add-on in Sharperlight can offer powerful and flexible financial reporting and analysis. It helps users save time and get helpful reports quickly based on their data.

Self-Service Reporting

Sharperlight allows you to get rid of hiring a data architect or a reporting person to generate detailed reports in real time. Self-service tools can reduce the dependence on technical services and experts.

Consolidate Reports

This is one of the most important features of Shaperlight. You can easily generate reports from multiple companies and databases. You can generate reports quickly and analyze them easily.

Connectivity Options

This BI tool has various connectivity options available to keep your team well-connected. You can also distribute live reports across secure channels and in a wide range of formats.

SQL or HANA Databases

Sharperlight can seamlessly work on both SQL and HANA databases. You can run identical and future-proof reports on either database with ease for better analysis.

UDFs and UDTs

Sharperlight can convert various user-defined fields or tables of your customized SAP Business One solution automatically for reports or analysis using its smart Query Builder.

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