What can SIlver WMS do for your business?

Silver Warehouse Management System (SWMS) is a web-based solution that has been integrated with SAP Business One for advanced warehouse management solution. As a web-based application, SilverWMS can be used on a wide array of handheld devices, from smartphones to tablets and traditional warehouse scanners (with screens) providing a choice and flexibility for the customer to choose which handsets suits best for them.

Warehouse efficiency is a critical success factor to effectively manage your supply chain and order fulfilment. In today’s world, Warehouse Management is not just for large organisations but small and midsized business can get improve efficiencies and reduction is a cost associated with their warehouse management along with SAP Business One.

Inventory Management Process

Looking for A Robust WMS for Handling Your Warehouse Activities Efficiently?

Silver Warehouse Management System (SilverWMS) Solution Capabilities

Goods In

Manage stock in the warehouse/s generated from Goods Receipt PO

Internal Stock Transfer

Manage stock that needs to be transferred from one Bin location to another

Inventory and Location Management

SAP Business One item master data, warehouses and bin location features on WMS

Picking based on Sales Order

User picks an item row by row, updates the pick list and sends the order for packing

Picking based on Inventory Transfer Request

User will pick items row by row and update SAP data at the same time

Inventory Counting

Manage cycle counting and physical counting for bin location and warehouse locations

Pallet & Packing

The Pallet Master allows the user to predefine the size of pallets based on their delivery requirements

Pick Note Assignment

Based on the assignment, pickers will pick the orders and send them for packing

Real Time Operations

All the operations are being performed in real time


In order to maintain stocks level, move stock from warehouse locations to picking locations

Goods Outbound

Pack and Ship multiple orders and create a delivery note

Benefits of Silver Warehouse Management Solution:

Warehouse management add-on can provide a number of benefits for businesses that already use SAP Business One. These benefits include-

Key benefits

Warehouse management add-on can provide a number of benefits for businesses that already use SAP Business One. These benefits include-

Increased Efficiency

It automates several tasks related to the warehouse like order picking, packing, and shipping. This can free up your employees to focus on more important activities such as inventory management with more efficiency.

Reduced Costs

A Warehouse management system helps you reduce operational costs in a number of ways such as by reducing inventory levels and optimizing shipping routes. Altogether, you can reduce labor costs and save money.

Increased Visibility

A custom warehouse management system can provide you with real-time visibility into your inventory levels and order status. This can help you to make better decisions about your business and improve customer service.

Improved Compliance

It makes it easy to comply with industry standards. You can get real-time and accurate reports about warehouse movements for auditing and other purposes. This can help you get rid of compliance-related issues.

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