Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center

Increase Efficiency & Mitigate Risks with Reduced Operational Cost

Enterprises are looking for cost effective models that can manage all activities from development to deployment of software solutions and free the business resources to concentrate on the core activities. Offshore Development Center (ODC) a popular outsourcing business model performs your software development in a remote environment, thus boosting your productivity and operational efficiency at lowered cost. It offers better visibility and predictability to the key business processes, thus reducing the time to market and giving you the desired edge. ODC is basically a remote counterpart of your in-house IT team; it is a dedicated team of developers who operate virtually, and allow you to focus on your core competencies to improve agility in your business.

Silver Touch Technologies with its vast experience and expertise of ODC services, has deployed specialized teams and management systems which help deliver appropriate services to meet the business needs. We operate using two models:

  • Build-Operate-Own
  • Build-Operate-Own-Transfer

We have helped a wide range of industries in smooth deployment of their global strategies with our unique resource capabilities, asset utilization strategies, and delivery capabilities. We help build an on-demand talent pool matching the requirements stated. Our services include acquisition of talent, setting up the dedicated center.

How we Differentiate?

  • Customization: We build and deploy offshore dedicated centers to meet the business needs. Our methodologies, processes, tools and technology are chosen based on the requirements and goals stated by the business
  • Agility: We take the ad-hoc requirements of clients into consideration and deliver software development accordingly. Our centers are agile, which helps us fulfill on-demand technology and other needs posed by the clients
  • Security: For any business operating in today’s environment, security is a major concern. We have deployed physical and software infrastructure at the centers which will take care of your security concerns

With our differentiated philosophy, and dedication towards streamlining software development, we ensure agility and efficiency within your organization at reduced costs.


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