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3 Problems that Growing SMEs/SMBs Face in Common


As an SME, you may have deployed different software for each department inside the company. You might already be experiencing integration issues that interfere and disrupt the information flow and analysis, employee productivity and sales growth. You might also be struggling to justify many of the outgoing expenditures, specifically when the return on investment is in question.

Have you ever pondered on the thought that how many hours of effort and cost you invest organising your schedules, creating excel sheets, lists, and thousands of miscellaneous tasks required to run your business on a daily basis? Do you get time to do strategic planning? Are you aware of your current order book and cash flow?

Although every company works in different ways, the problems they face and feel are both unique and personal.

Separate Software Tools for Different Departments and Different Tasks

Such an arrangement can often lead to incomplete and at times an inaccurate picture of the overall business performance. Employee productivity is impacted since they are engaged in aggregating and analysing data from each business unit. Proactive decision-making, effective planning and timely reporting is naturally compromised due to the time-lag.

Tiresome Manual Processes and Paperwork

Manual data-entry is a not only a waste of valuable resources but is also prone to errors. Even minor mistakes in entering the data can increase costs and cause customer satisfaction issues. Producing manually countless financial reports from different systems or spread-sheets hampers employee productivity and potential accuracy.

The Thought of Expansion Suddenly Feels Scary

With expansion, you know you need accurate information available at the touch of a button! You need reliable data to effectively manage your customer relationships as well as your suppliers. You need to understand the business flows and the stress points and the impact on different departments as your business grows.

As a business leader you need to ensure not only that every opportunity is embraced but also is being maximised.

Let’s focus on the solution and not the problems. By implementing SAP Business One, this will undoubtedly help fix the issues. Read  It’s Time to Run Simple with SAP Business One  to understand how SAP Business One can help run your business more simply!

SAP Business One is single-point affordable software designed especially for SMEs and subsidiaries of large enterprises as a Business Management Solution. With SAP Business One Installation you can integrate and automate the entire business functions across Accounting and Finance, Reporting, Purchasing and Operations, Inventory and Distribution and Sales and Customer Management.

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