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    Big Data Analytics in eGovernance

    The age of Big Data has finally dawned on the government sector. There has been an exponential increase in the amount of data captured & stored within the storage systems at the federal government since 2000. According to projections, this number will increase with each year. The effectiveness of the government is being continuously challenged with the rise in data being stored, shrinking budgets and consolidation of the data centers. At this point, the government needs to employ new and better skills to manage, and analyze the huge amount of data.

    Big data analytics has not only become the need of the hour, but also offers a wide range of opportunities to the government. The large amounts of unstructured data being captured needs to be analyzed to harness the underlying opportunities, and respond better and effectively. Of course, the flip side is that big data can eat up into your budgets if it is not managed properly. The federal government is currently striving hard to achieve success with big data projects, which span from defense, intelligence & civilian agencies to supply chain logistics & mission readiness agencies. The challenges affecting the federal government with regards to big data include value of big data, the variety of sources, velocity of analytics and the velocity of data required for analytics.

    Advantage of Managing Big Data Analytics

    There are many advantages associated with managing big data analytics successfully. Here, we will discuss how big data has helped improve efficiency within the governments.

    • Improving overall efficiency: With big data analytics, governments can make informed decisions real-time, which will help improve the overall efficiency effectively
    • Speed of Decision Making: Big Data has helped improve the speed of decision making, thus helping agencies act faster and better
    • Forecasting: Proper analysis of the information available will help you understand the future, and be prepared with the right strategies
    • Citizen Needs: Analysis of available data will help understand the citizen needs perfectly, and help agencies strategize accordingly
    • Transparency: With accurate data, transparency comes easy within and outside the government agencies

    Best Practices

    Best practices help IT strategists help in strategizing big data analytics using standard practices and principles to achieve success. Here, we will disucss a few best practices that government agencies should adopt when indulging in Big Data analytics.

    • Identify Business Problem: This works similar to applying big data in big agencies. You need to identify the business problem that is affecting the efficiency within the government agencies. This could be cyber attacks or eliminating frauds etc. Once the problem is clear, the solution comes automatically
    • Long Term Objectives: It is important to strategize based on long-term objectives. Government agencies tend to base their strategies on low-cost, quickreturn initiatives that come with economic uncertainties
    • Open Source: This is gaining popularity among government initiatives as they get the community backing, which helps them improve emphatically
    • Visualization: This will help IT departments and agency stakeholders understand the reality of the data and the different spreadsheets better, to make informed decisions and forecast better
    • Inter-agency Collaboration: This will improve the results on a tight budget. It help collaboration of both data and insights to know the reality better, and strategize accordingly

    Big Data analytics helps boost the governance strategies majorly. It will bring significant transperancy within the system and help further citizen centric services.

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