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    Why Developers Prefer Xamarin Platform for Mobile App Development

    With consumers present on multiple platforms, you cannot develop an app for a single platform, and further your business. Enterprises need to think cross-platform, which is pretty challenging considering that each OS has a different ecosystem, and the development and environment of each OS is different from the other. You need to code differently for each OS, thus increasing the developer’s work and the cost of developing an app. The turnaround time for the app is higher, as not only the development but also the testing phase takes longer than normal.

    The other option is to choose a framework that supports cross-platform development and testing, making it easy for enterprises to release their apps quickly, and test newer versions before their competition can. Xamarin is exactly what you need in an environment where development environment and language differs for the multiple operating systems. You can share app logic between the different operating systems and build apps that consist the native UIs, thus ensuring native-like experience to the end consumer.

    There are more reasons why the C# powered mobile development& testing platform has become a favorite tool in the developers’ community.

    Read on to know why Xamarin has become the developer’s preference for mobile apps

    Small Learning Curve

    There is no major learning curve in Xamarin and this is why developers love it. There is no need to invent the wheel again when one switches to Xamarin from other development tools. Basic knowledge of .NET/C# is enough to get started with building apps on this platform. Even if developers get into Xamarin without the knowledge of .NET/C#, they would still find it easy as the all-inclusive development environment doesn’t require them to turn to different tools to solve their basis problems.

    Native SDK Compatible

    Where Xamarin scores over other mobile development platforms is its compatibility with the native Software Development Kits. Developers can seamlessly integrate it with any SDK that allows the codes to be reused across different platform. This benefit doesn’t come at the cost of any limitation as the final app can have all the control features of the native operating system. This makes it an ideal tool for cross-platform development. In fact it doesn’t bind you to compromise on the features of your app during cross-platform development that many tools do.

    Faster Concept to Market

    In today’s competitive mobile application market concept to market time has become one of the major challenges for the developers. The faster a well-baked app makes it to the market better chance it stands to beat competition. Xamarin being extremely easy to use and its ability to share codes and libraries allow developers to come out with a finished product faster than they would be able to do with any other platform.

    Fewer Bugs and Lesser Headaches

    Every developer globally gets disturbed when they tend to find a bug or two in the app. This is why Xamarin is a hot favorite with them. This platform offers great possibilities to test every app in every situation possible, thus reducing the number of bugs found. When developers are working on a tight schedule, Xamarin’s inherent bug reducing methodology can often prove to be the difference between success and failure.    When developers have to simultaneously work in two different platforms the chances of bugs tend to rise but, with Xamarin they face no such issues as they tend to work on a single platform.

    To get the best out of Xamarin for cross platform development you need to work with a seasoned team of developers. Silver Touch is the preferred Xamarin Partner that caters to the enterprise cross platform needs, thus delivering apps that meet the exact business requirement. Get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com to know more about our Xamarin Development Company.

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