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    Get the Right Talent On-board with these 3 HR Technology Tools

    The right technology solution helps businesses get profitable returns on their investments, and reach out better. The apt technology solution is one that becomes an indistinguishable part of your everyday life. This is no different for recruitment and hiring solutions. When looking for the right talent, you need to mine through a heap of data before reaching the right candidate. Data mining has become easy owing to the different tools, thus reducing the burden of sorting through the data, which is crucial and critical to the human resources department of an business.

    Affordability, scalability and flexibility are the three concerns surrounding any technology solution. With human resource industry, there are niche products addressing a single aspect, and then there are the bulky solutions that cater to all HR needs. Either they don’t scale to the situation or, are too expensive to be considered.

    This is precisely when many businesses consider taking the middle way by combining best practices and certain top-notch tools to hire the right candidate, and improve the quality of their talent pool. Here, we will discuss the three tech-tools that help HR department in companies acquire the right talent, and offer value to the business.

    Video Screening

    It is not only time consuming but also resource consuming if you have to interview every candidate who applies to your company. In some cases, this proves to be unfruitful as the candidate appointed is not a complete fit. The reason could be lack of screening done at the pre-interview stage. This is why a video screening is important, as it allows the employers to test-drive potential candidates, review their soft skills in the virtual environment. This saves a lot of money and time, and helps screen the candidates. With this tool, managers can quickly skim through the candidate and know if they are apt for the position, profile or company. This helps pace up the whole process.

    Responsive Careers Site

    Your potential candidates are mostly mobile users, glued to the smart-screen the entire time. It is just a matter of time when nearly half of your workforce would comprise of these smartphone obsessed crowd. If you want to attract them, you should have a well-optimized mobile careers site. Most job seekers will prefer applying for jobs on the mobile sites. It is not just easy and convenient to apply through this medium but also easy to respond to the notifications and track the status of the application. It is a win-win situation for both the applicants and the companies.

    Applicant Tracking System

    What if you have really good candidates amidst a stack of files and appointments? How would you be able to track the good potential candidate who will be apt for the profile? This is where an applicant tracking system comes to your aide. This technology solution will help recruiters create a candidate pipeline that will help recruiters know the candidate and eventually hire them. The technology will take into account the behavior, preferences and personality of the candidate, before actually hiring them.

    The right technology solution will help the recruiters hire the potential candidate best suited for the company.

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