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    Why Healthcare Industry Needs a Mobile App?

    There are more than two billion smartphone users in the world, which accounts for roughly 30% of the world’s population. This figure is expected to rise to 6 billion by the year 2020. This implies that approximately 85% of the global population would become reachable through mobile apps. These aren’t mere numbers but, suggest the reach of a technology in offering better access to information and other services. Healthcare industry is waking up to the immense potential of mobile applications in administering patient care. If you are in the healthcare industry, here are some reasons you should opt for healthcare IT solutions.

    Enhanced Access to Patient Care

    Internet and mobile technology has been able to quash physical barriers. With healthcare mobile app development, you would be able to enhance your patients’ access to care. With the use of apps, patients and health care service providers no longer need to be within the same geography as primary care can be administered to them remotely. This has come as a huge relief to patients in remote areas and countryside, especially those who don’t have physical access to good healthcare.

    Access To Medical Records

    One of the biggest pluses of healthcare apps is the fact that they offer healthcare professionals as well as patients digital access to medical records. The daily blood pressure data, periodic levels of blood sugar, as well as other clinical examination data can be accessed using the app, which helps in preparing a treatment plan. Every detail from prescribed drug dosage to other care advice can be accessed using these apps. Mobile apps being smart also alert the patients in case of an emergency based on the digital records.

    Easy Access To Prescriptions & Supplies

    Mobile applications offer you easy access to monthly prescription drugs and other medical supplies. Many healthcare service providers have tied up with online pharmacies allowing patients to buy their prescriptions with just a few taps on the screen. This comes in handy for people whose physical movement has been restricted, as they can take deliveries of their prescription sitting in the comfort of their homes.

    More Data, Better Assessment

    As a healthcare service provider, you need to constantly bring improvements in your products & services. Mobile apps aid you in this by offering you large volumes of data that allow you to assess the needs of products and services. For instance the outbreak of major diseases in certain geography can easily be mapped by these apps, thus helping you prepare strategies to use your app smartly by using your resources and meet the emergency needs of the patients.

    Care On The Go

    Mobile apps make it possible for patients to have access to quality medical care even when they are travelling around the world. Patients can easily seek advice and suggestions from their preferred doctors and healthcare professionals irrespective of their location. This ensures continuity of treatment and leads to health and wellness.

    Silver Touch caters to healthcare industry by offering a wide range of innovative and transformative healthcare it solutions. We aim to offer ease and convenience to the consumers and providers of healthcare. To know more about our healthcare solutions, and our technological capabilities, get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com

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