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How to Make a Right Strategic Plan for a Successful Software Development Initiative

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The custom software development domain is full of challenges and opportunities. How about your company? Has it opted for developing new software from scratch or added features to the existing software through a cumbersome and frustrating process? All you need to plan for a smooth and effective software development strategy. Like other projects, your company needs to put and practice a set of proven guidelines for custom software development.

It is fair to mention that a successful software development initiative can grow your business over the period. Making a strategy for a software development initiative involves a set of upfront decisions with a prefixed set of dos and don’ts for developing your company’s software. In this article, we are going to see six steps to keep in mind while planning for successful software development.

But, before moving forward, let’s start with the basic question- Should you develop software in-house or opt for offshore software development?

Should you develop software in-house or outsource the project?

The custom software development process needs a range of domain experts including the Project Manager, Business Analysts, Developers, and Quality Analysts. What’s more, if your app or software requires any specific skill set or features related to emerging technologies, then you need specific resources for the same. So, if your company can arrange this and focus on every development phase, then in-house software development should be your choice.

Offshore IT outsourcing or offshore software development is a viable option if you are not familiar with the technicalities of software development or your company just cannot give time and effort to build an in-house development center. You can simply hire an offshore software development team from a reputed outsourcing partner, and reduce your operational cost by 60%. Here, you can choose your team and start working on your software project together.

After selecting the approach from two options- in-house and outsourcing software development, the actual process starts. Here, you need to prepare a proper plan to make successful software. Let’s go through the standard approach for software development strategy from a technical perspective.

Proven Approach for Customized Software Development Planning

It all starts with appointing the right project manager. The project manager can practically formulate a plan to resolve a potential risk associated with the custom software development phase at any time. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that choosing the right project manager is more important than hiring dedicated developers for your project.

Then comes strategic planning for the development. Whether you want to opt for offshore software development or establish an in-house team, planning for the entire development process is essential. This stage determines the success or failure of your software development project. You can consult an IT outsourcing company to get suggestions and assistance.

As per the standard approach for custom software development, the final stage is the execution of the plan and delivery. Every software development team has a different technique for developing unique, feature-rich, and user-friendly software, and therefore, it is necessary to monitor whether things are going on as per the plan.

Usually, offshore software development companies choose Agile methods to meet deadlines and deliver unique functionalities in the projects. Here are the top 3 Agile methodologies of custom software development-

1. Scrum- It enables the project manager to organize the project in sprints that can last for about a month. The project manager or the project owner performs a backlog refinement to add or remove user stories before planning the sprints.

2. Extreme Programming (XP)- When you hire dedicated programmers, they can implement an extreme practice level by using this methodology. This method has two phases- Iteration Planning and Release Planning. The iteration planning aims at specifying tasks for developers and testers, whereas release planning is about specifying the upcoming project’s release requirements.

3. Crystal- Lean and Kanban are other important methodologies for software development.

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Let’s go through the key considerations for the software development initiative-

1. Analysis of Requirement– The custom application development team needs to analyze the end user’s expectations and the client’s business requirements. An in-depth understanding of user documents, business rules, and the like is essential to identify the necessary features and functionalities.

2. Design– The developer’s team put all aspects together along with the detailed designing documentation in line with the user’s needs.

3. Development– This is the most important stage. An offshore software development company transfers the design document to the development team. It executes the plan just perfectly as per the client’s requirements.

4. Automation– This is another important phase. Automation is an integral component of the software development process that does not require human intervention. Building codes, regression testing, and other processes can be automated for reducing the development time.

5. QA Testing– This phase determines the future of software. Yes, quality analysts create scripts for every task that the user might perform to test the software and ensure that your customized software is ready for every possible scenario.

6. Deployment– This is the final stage. Once the software passes the quality test, the software development company or your enterprise can launch it in the market. But, this is not the end of your project. It is better to modify and upgrade your software on a regular basis to remain firm amid growing competition.

Whenever a custom application development company creates a product, it is necessary to define its value. The developer’s team decides the necessary and unique features of your company’s software after analyzing the competitor’s software and market trends. Some of the USPs of a successful software can be optimal value, specific functionality, and innovative customer service.

Concluding Remarks

A value-driven, highly efficient, and easy-to-use software can take any company to a new level by improving services and grabbing new business opportunities. Here we have mentioned six crucial steps for a successful software development initiative. It will help you come up with the right software amid growing competition in the market.

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