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    Key Strategies to Create Value in the Multi-screen World

    We are surrounded by multiple devices, numerous platforms, and several websites all aiming to increase our convenience. A recent study by Google reveals that close to 90% people switch between multiple devices to achieve a single goal- buying, selling, browsing, downloading etc. If an eCommerce business wants to achieve their ROI goals, they should strategize for the multi-screen world, and should define the goals they plan to achieve in this way.

    The multiple screens have created newer business models and opportunities. Human beings interact with the multiple screens or devices in two ways- sequential access or simultaneous access.

    In case of sequential access, the user moves between the various devices in order to complete a single task. For example booking a ticket or, planning a travel can be done simultaneously from various devices. The user can save the transaction or plan in a single device, and then continue from the other device. This sequential access is the best opportunity available for the enterprises to create value from up-sell or cross-sell.

    Simultaneous access is when you are logged into multiple devices at the same time. The users can be more efficient as they can simultaneously work on multiple devices, and give immediate response to the queries generated. While watching TV you are logged into the Internet via phone and laptop, while working and chatting with people simultaneously. This is one of the primary ways in which the multiple screens are consumed by the users.

    It is important as a business for you to ace the multi-screen world that is being occupied by your users. You should interact with the users in a way they understand best, and build an engagement to retain your users and accomplish your goals. While you are fighting for attention, the consumer is facing attention deficit, which can be used to create value for your business with the right strategy. It is important as an enterprise for you to strategize the way you will engage your consumers in the multi-screen world, so that they can be retained and your enterprise grows strong.

    Read on to know the strategies that will help you create value for multi-screen world.


    Your first strategy should be to define the goals for the customer. What are they looking for in the media they consume? Understand the experiences they are receiving from the different media at present, and study their consumption behavior. What do they browse for in general will help you define the goals for your segment. The consumer looking for information will differ from the one looking for entertainment. When they browse on multiple screens, are they looking for complementary content? Define the goals they want to achieve from consumption of multiple screens, and understand the motivation behind using multiple screens at the same time.

    Knowing the goals and motivation will help create value for the multi-screen customer

    Customer Preferences

    You need to strategize for customer preferences in order to maximize the potential of multi-screen world. Your consumer moves through various screens, and it is important for you to move with the audience through these screens to understand how they consume the media. This will help you build relevant strategies, and invest in better experiences. The idea is to build a strategy that can help consumers accomplish their goals by understanding the devices they use. Smartphones have understandably become the most important device of the day. They conclude maximum interactions, which is why you cannot omit it from your strategy. Apart from that, you will need to build different screen combinations to perfect the preference strategy, and make it relevant to the audience, if you want to create value.

    Usage of Multiple-devices

    The idea is to understand whether the multiple screens actually enable the audience to achieve their goals. You will need to understand how they help achieve their goals, and which device combination do they use most effectively. No longer do they spend time on a single device to complete all the tasks, which is why you need to build a multi-device goal strategy, wherein you will understand how the goals are achieved, and what device combination is more insightful to the end users. The customer experience plays a crucial role in this case.

    As mentioned earlier, customers use multiple-devices either in sequential or simultaneous manner. You will need to segment your customers, identify their usage, and how they manage to accomplish the goals. This will help in build multiple-device strategy to help achieve goals, thus ensuring valuable outcomes.

    Location of Customers

    Where is the customer located when they are accessing the website for information or, purchase? Are they located near the store? Are they at their home? What kind of location do they generally prefer for the particular device? These insight based strategy will help understand the user behavior, and will help you create value through up-sell or cross-sell at the time of their search.

    In an age of consumerism where the combination of data-driven eCommerce web solutions is integrated to connected ecosystem, you will find various insights that can help you build strategies that will eventually help you achieve your goals. You will need to unleash the potential of this combination to realize your eCommerce goals.

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