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    Key Trends in Mobile Entertainment that Transforms Mobile Engagement

    A mobile phone is no longer just a device for communicating but is now widely used to surf the web, play games, listen to music, social networking, read news, etc. Media & Entertainment apps are making their space in the app world, and they keep the users engaged all the time. Recent study shows that people are devoting more than 80% of their time to apps. Of the total time, 14% is spent in consuming news apps, 22% in consuming entertainment apps while 79% is spent in consuming music apps. The level of app engagement has reached extreme levels since 2014 and is expected to support market growth through 2019.

    The introduction of web and mobile apps has led to changes in the way users consume music, news, and other information. These mobile apps are offering opportunities like music, news, gaming, TV, content promotion and branding. The top trends in mobile entertainment through which mobile users keep themselves engaged and involved are as below:

    Multiplayer Mobile Gaming:

    Mobile games have evolved a lot in the past few years. Mobile users prefer to play games on their phones whenever they need a break from their hectic daily routine, as it is the easiest accessible mode of entertainment and leisure. The sophisticated features in smartphones and tablets have resulted in captivating multiplayer mobile games with engaging game-plays. Going mobile has seen a significant rise in the number of gamers, as gaming is no more restricted to traditional console gamers or teenagers. The increased adoption and popularity of mobile gaming is expected to drive the growth of the mobile gaming market in the coming years.

    Mobile Music in the Cloud:

    Mobile Entertainment is bringing tremendous opportunities to the music industry. People engage themselves a lot bydownloading music or, listening to it online. A rise in music apps like Spotify, Shazam, Pandora, online radios and legal music streaming apps have aided the music industry in reaching their audience via apps, and benefit from it. These apps provide subscription services, and since it is all stored in the cloud, one subscription gives you access to all your music collection, regardless of the device you are using. Companies like Google, Amazon and Apple have also focused on cloud music, by providing a remote locker for storing the downloaded tracks.

    In-App Advertising:

    In-app advertising has increased exponentially in recent years with the rise in the number of tablet and smartphone users. Ad revenues are down across traditional media since the increase in mobile users, use of mobile media and entertainment and increased competition in the advertising market. The in-app advertising helps companies to reach a larger audience and in turn benefit from the revenue. Rise in mobile app advertising has boosted up the mobile ad spending market and has provided a solid base for growth in mobile entertainment.

    Mobile TV:

    With the launch of 4G, Mobile TV has emerged as a powerful medium in increasing TRPs for the channels as the apps are great tools to make it possible for the people to stream high-definition videos on their mobile phones. There are a lot of apps that allow viewers to watch their favorite television programs on-the-move and also keep them engaged and updated through teasers, social media sharing, upcoming programs, reminder alerts, etc. Subscription streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. are putting pressure on traditional television providers by providing high-quality video streaming. Mobile TV and videos will surpass TV viewership and will soon be the preferred source of information and entertainment.

    Mobile Infotainment:

    Mobile infotainment services deliver a combination of information and entertainment and are designed to maintain the consumer’s interest. Infotainment is becoming a significant revenue stream for mobile operators and provides subscribers with customized mobile entertainment and content services on demand. Mobile apps contribute to keeping users informed and entertained with infotainment apps.

    Mobility is the catalyst that drives the media and entertainment IT Solutions industry with the rise in mobile content consumption, particularly video-rich content and mobile TV services. Silver Touch is a leading IT solution provider with immense expertise in providing media and entertainment IT solutions. For all your business needs and concerns, get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com and we will help you out with suitable solutions.

    Shruti Vasudevan

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