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Lesser known Facts about SAP Business One

Little known Facts of SAP Business One

SAP has cracked the simplicity code by introducing SAP Business One. SAP Business One an intuitive, adaptable, and easy-to-use business management system that enables you to manage all the aspects of your organisation in a single integrated system. It is built on the concept of flexibility i.e. you can deploy it on-premise or in the cloud and access from both your desk or on the move. It integrates information from across your organisation into one system instead of multiple disparate systems, eliminates redundant data entry costs, and related errors. It helps employees to address customer needs faster and managers to accurately monitor revenues, costs, and cash flow to analyse performance and take quick corrective action as and when required. All in all, it helps you to see clearly, think clearly, and act clearly so you can meet the gap between strategy and its execution to become a best-run business.

Many SME owners think that SAP Business One is only for large enterprises; however these business facts that are lesser known will help you realise that it is a solution that is tailored specifically for small to midsized companies and for subsidiaries of large enterprises.

Fact #1: SAP Business One is Affordable

SAP Business One- a market-leading ERP solution is built from the ground up for the needs of SMEs (Small & Mid-Sized Enterprises) and is not a scaled-down version of the larger SAP software. It is used by more than 50,000 customers worldwide and over 80% of it falls in the small to mid-sized bracket. Lower technology costs and speed time to value is what certifies it as an affordable solution that can be implemented in less than a month’s time throughout the organisation. It can be maintained more easily and learned with minimal training. You can customise the software to the exact functionalities your business needs and you actually pay for what you need and what you use.

Fact #2: SAP Business One provides Industry-Specific Solution

Considering that every industry has unique business processes, requirements, and challenges, SAP Business One offers about 550 industry-specific solutions that extend the functionality of software to precisely meet your needs. The industry-specific solutions interoperate within SAP Business One in terms of user-interface and programming. It is enabled on a per-country or per-region basis, meaning that these solutions are localised to meet additional domestic legal and best practice requirements. Industry-specific functionality helps deliver immediate business value.

Fact #3: SAP Business One will never Outgrow

SAP Business One has functionalities to support all business needs as the companies keep growing. It is flexible enough to be customised with several add-ons to meet the ever-changing needs of the organisation as it expands. SAP is constantly investing more and more in infrastructure, technology and edge products to contribute to the growing footprint of SMEs. It has historically invested heavily and continues to do so in Business One. SAP has a long-range roadmap for the development of Business One and is key to SAP’s strategy for offering affordable solutions for SMEs.

Other quick facts of SAP Business One

  • The majority of SAP Business One customers come from outgrowing Quickbooks.
  • The solution is available in 27 languages with total compliance in 41 countries.
  • Some parts of the application can be started to use right from day one.
  • SAP Business One Mobile Application can be operated from iPhone and iPad devices.

Read this to find out how SAP Business One can help improve your business’s performance.

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