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How is Magento helpful for open source development ?

Ecommerce is rapidly growing and everyone who has Internet can get optimum of it. Being absolutely free Magento quickly got popularity to become the leader among other open source platforms for online commerce such as Zen Cart, osCommerce or VirtueMart. The developer of Magento Commerce platform is Varien, the company that specializes in the open-source products. Everyone wants to be successful in online business hence the need of Magento is seen predominantly everywhere.

Magento has been a boon attracting millions to master ecommerce. It has removed the hurdles and hindrances successfully making the businessmen more powerful. Magento is a rock steady platform enhancing ecommerce run briskly. It has balanced features like theme based structure, and support for digital products. Magento is an open source solution which means developers can create add-ons and plug-ins to expand its capabilities. In fact Magento is enjoying these welcoming changes as these are business boosting.

Once a developer becomes familiar with Magento s theme work, creating a store or several stores becomes relatively easy. Magento is highly feature rich as well as multitasking platform. Few well known features are mentioned below:

  • Manage multiple websites and stores from one administration panel and product catalog.
  • Web services API to make it easy to integrate third-party tools.
  • Google Website Optimizer integration for A/B testing.
  • Flexible coupon rules give you the ability to create numerous campaigns and buddy coupons.
  • URL rewrites and many more…

Why to go for Magento?

Firstly it is clean and smooth and looks professional and ultra modern.


The beautiful thing about Magento Commerce is, it can be installed additional layouts and add-ons. Magento , being less complicated doesn t require the shop owner to have prior programming experience. Magento is a simplistic yet powerful solution for e-commerce business owners.

Payment Gateways Are Available For Integration

There are many store owners losing sales because they cannot offer a certain payment solution for their customers, or they have to switch payment gateways because their e-commerce solution was not compatible with their existing provider. With Magento Commerce you can rest at ease whatever payment gateway you have, they most likely have it ready for you.

Can Manage Multiple Stores from One Administration Panel

You can go for more advanced option existing with multiple ecommerce stores. For example if you had camera shop and a book shop. You would set up two stores where as you can set them up all in one system and manage also very well with Magento commerce.

An Option To Up Sell At The Checkout

This option alone will increase your profits dramatically. Up selling, is a powerful way to increase your profits from an existing customer by simply offering additional promotions or products. This can lead to more money for your e-commerce business and having it automated, you have a silent sales person making money for you.

Built-in Product Image Zoom Capability

Sometimes as a customer you can see finer details about a product. Magento Commerce now has that option built in allowing you to upload a high resolution photo to let customers zoom into the product while they are browsing. Just think how it will have an effect on your sales and increase your business leads!

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