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    How Mobile Technology is Enhancing Governance?

    Mobile technology has not only brought in change, but has also changed the whole development methods and techniques. It has roped in newer channels of communication between the public and the government. Today a lot of people own mobile phones, making it easier for them to access the government channels, and for government to reach out to the people. This is the first ever medium to have reached out to so many people globally at once. This is the mark of redefined democratization through innovative and transparent ICT channels, all set to break the barriers of entry.

    As said earlier, mobile phones are owned by millions of people on a global ground, making it the first technology to reach every household, including the low-income group houses. With mobile, people have been able to access information in real-time, and its portability has led to easy communication and whole load of convenience. The low physical infrastructure requirements posed by mobile have made it popular in remote accessibility. The mobile services are also supporting the devices, thus making them affordable.

    With such amazing reach, and increasing investment in the mobile development, it is inevitable for the government to take the mobile way to reach the citizens.

    Mobile technology has redefined the way governments’ interact with the citizens, and has even brought about a change in the public services. Let’s have a quick look at how mobile technology has augmented governance.

    Transparent & Transformed Relations

    One of the key elements for governance is relationships that exist between the citizen and the government. Earlier on, accessing the government, asking questions and actually authoring the right to information was difficult. In most countries across the world, there was a need to introduce a way so that citizens could interact with the government in real-time, and get their queries solves.

    mGovernance has led to this path. From accessing government applications to asking questions to applying for certain government documents, the change has been rapid and easy. Now, citizens can access these apps, and connect with directly. This has brought in improvement for the developing countries that are heavily populated, and where the government offices worked in traditional manner, which did not take the citizens needs and insights into account. With mGovernance, they have started taking citizen-centric initiatives, while roping in the citizens, thus offering them convenience and accessibility.

    Feedback in Real-time

    In certain countries, there are a lot of issues related to the government that the citizens would like to report. A classic example would be related to education. People are asked to give their inputs on the curriculum, report incidents in school, and also inform when a teacher is unavailable at work. Such feedback needs to be relayed in real-time so that immediate action can be taken. If some illegal activities are occurring in your neighborhood, there are apps that can help you connect with the right people and inform about them. The government with its shift to mobile has made it possible for citizens to connect with them at all hours, offer information in real-time, and seeks immediate action. This has helped improve education, reduce the illegal activities and bring about change.

    New Project Initiation

    While a lot of developed countries may or may not face this issue, hygiene is a concern for a lot of developing countries. This is why government is addressing this issue with mobile governance. Several government initiatives are working towards creating mobile solutions that will effectively help in bringing about a change in the hygiene culture, thus making the place more livable. Several solutions have been created to ensure proper budgets and necessary labor has been associated with the any new project initiated for the country.

    Many countries are trying to rope in mobile technologies to bring in a change. If you are planning change initiative with mobile governance, then Silver Touch is here to help you with the right E-Governance Solutions and technologies. Our highly skilled and experienced team has delivered able projects in this field, and can help execute your concept brilliantly. To know more about our solutions, connect with us at info@silvertouchinc.com

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