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Need For Mobility Solutions in Omni-Channel Retailing

Need For Mobility Solutions in Omni

E-Commerce has completely revolutionised retail industry in the last 20 years. It evolved from being a non-existent business model into a type of business model to survive these days. Retailers have transformed their business practices leveraging technological advancements to meet the ever-changing needs of a modern day consumer. Tech giants like Amazon and Flipkart have formed online marketplaces with added layers of convenience and constant innovation into a popular place to shop, sell and advertise for tech-savvy consumers. It started with multi-channel approach, these companies focused on seamless customer interactions across different touch-points; however they didn’t necessarily optimised customer experience on different devices. As ecommerce continued to progress at an exponential rate, these and many other leading brands adopted omni-channel approach, a latest buzzword in the digital commerce which is seemingly limitless in its potential. It’s obvious of the retailers to transition from single-channel to omni-channel as it is no longer sufficient to remain competitive.

Let’s understand more about Omni-Channel Retailing

Consumers expect tailored, personal shopping experience, more precisely; they want to be able to shop anytime, anywhere. To cater these demands irrespective of the medium used, retailers are expected to create more coherent, integrated systems, front-end solutions, and flexible shipping models around their various product segments and channels. This is where omni-channel retailing stems from. It is more of a consumer-centric concept that combines the strategies of mobile, bricks and mortars along with bricks and clicks and e-tailing altogether to design a seamless solution for both consumer experience and internal processes. It requires using a variety of engagement tools to reach and target to convert customers simultaneously. The depth of integration based on consumer behaviour to provide localised information across all platforms defines the success of omni-channel infrastructure.

Let’s understand more about Omni-Channel Retailing

Today’s connected customers use both traditional and digital channels throughout their purchase journey. For example, a shopper may use various online resources to research on product information and make an in-store purchase or make an online purchase due to price fluctuations and certain other factors. Digital devices like smartphones and tablets have become the new personal shopping assistant and a key entry point. To match the pace with digital growth, retailers do face unprecedented challenges to meet the demands of an omni-channel customer who expects nothing but a truly seamless shopping experience. Challenges will continue to persist as new trends and capabilities will continue to enumerate as different providers will continue to offer more value-added services.

How Mobility Solutions can help becoming Disruptive in this Omni-Channel Era?

Omni-channel retailing has emerged as a notable online revenue contributor. However, for an omni-channel strategy to be successful, it is important to think about reaching customers wherever they are, on whichever device they’re using and making their shopping experience seamless leading to a sale. This means building closer collaboration between online and physical stores following a holistic unified approach.

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Potential mobile technologies align with business’s marketing strategies for a higher ROI and market visibility. It provides easy connectivity and convenience to engage customers through smooth web-surfing experience and more consumer options. Responsive websites, mobile applications and ERP mobility solutions offer 24×7 shop advantage with post-sale support along with upselling and cross-selling opportunities that increases customer base world-wide. They deliver the right content at the right time and at the right place with lower customer acquisition costs, increased customer satisfaction and improved employee productivity. eBay is a perfect example of being an omni-channel retailer who has reshaped the retail landscape and has benefited from innovative mobility solutions. eBay is better known for seizing the mobile moment by contextually providing information as and when needed. Secure and personalised web-based transactions have always been a differentiating feature for it but these days it offers an easy check-out with a digital receipt.

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