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How Personalized Marketing Enhances User Experience

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When you visit an offline shop, and you ask for a particular product and get some active recommendations from the sales person, you feel good. There is someone who helps you shop for relevant things, and you leave the shop feeling satisfied. While online shopping offers you convenience, it does not offer you this level of satisfaction. Why? Online shopping operates on the “one size fits all” philosophy, which means the content remains same irrespective of your needs. You need to skim through a lot of irrelevant content before you can get the content you have been looking for, and this can be annoying.

Many companies don’t have the ability to target personalized web content while others don’t feel the need despite not being able to convert at the scale they can, or should. While marketers don’t believe in personalized marketing, consumers are growing irritated with the irrelevant content. So, how can one close the gap that exists so strongly?

How Personalized Marketing Helps?

As a marketer, when you offer something personalized for the customer, they are bound to feel happy. How happy were you when your website was defined to meet your business goals instead of being one among the many? Similarly, when you send out an email that contains data that is relevant to the customer, and contains the things that they have been looking for, then you have hit the right chord with your customer.

The noise for the consumer is reduced, and they feel more guided in the online circuit. How does personalization help the businesses? According to a recent study, 68% marketers who have used personalization using the behavioral data believe it has a huge impact on the ROI of the business. 74% feel it positively affects engagement. It is also believed that conversions are a direct result of personalization. It also helps in retaining your audience. The loyal customer base is a result of returning visits, which comes from personalization.

Segmentation, targeting and even conversions rely heavily on the personalized data. Businesses depend on the data that they get from different sources, which will help personalize and target accordingly. Of course, to personalize you need to be data friendly, and find ways to analyze the same.

Ways to Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is a result of various things put together, which will help you boost the engagement levels for your brand. You need to understand the consumer, what they seek, and eventually build your marketing strategy. Personalization helps increase performance & improves your business sales by a whole 19%.

Improve Interactivity

You can improve the interaction levels of your consumer with the brand in four simple & easy ways. You need to track what your users are doing online and keep a record of all their activities. Know what they are doing online, and where they spend most of their time. Now, invest in understanding what could be useful to them, and what they would rather not see on their screens. Accordingly filter the data, and build your personalized marketing strategy. Improve the navigation & search features for the website so that you can improve the interactivity for your consumers.


Your content should be relevant to the people coming to your website. If you want to connect with the right people, then you need to localize your marketing strategy so that you reach the right audience. You will need to create different versions of the website such that it appeals to the local taste, needs and works out the rates in local currency. This improves your conversions drastically.

Loyalty Programs

If you want to increase repeat purchases, and retain your audience, you should have personalized loyalty programs. The messages included in these programs should be relevant to the audience who is hearing from you.

Include Recommendation Engines

The past data will help build recommendations for the customer, which can be used to keep them engaged on the site. Around 41% marketers use the site search data to personalize the experience. You can always recommend based on the past purchases, searches and even options they have looked at and deliver relevant content to the audience. You can find appropriate recommendation engine software which can help build your audience.

Email Marketing

According to statistics, a personalized email generates 6 times more revenue when compared with a non-personalized email. To improve conversion rates and to avoid unsubscribes, you should ideally personalize the content of your email to suit the needs of the person receiving it. Segmentation of your subscriber list can be a way of personalizing the email. The email language should be consistent for better conversions.

Personalization is indeed the need of the hour and businesses that have understood it well has improved their conversion rate substantially. It’s time to dive into the data, run analysis and know what your audience requires and serve them with the relevant content. This will not just help you build your audience, but also retain them.

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