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    Rise of Technology in Health Care & Patient Management

    The advancement in technology is impacting our daily lives like no other. As of today, a majority of people use their phones and other devices throughout their day to carry out various tasks, which shows how connected we are to technology. A growing number of gadgets and mobile apps help people stay fit, healthy and active. These technologies have helped the healthcare industry by upgrading patient care tools and methods and helping the patients to live healthier lives. Healthcare practitioners can now offer faster, cheaper and more efficient patient care with the use of technological innovations like artificial hearts, electronic aspirin, etc. giving rise to more cost-effective and agile patient management.

    Of the many inventions in the medical technology, here are some that have majorly impacted the healthcare industry:

    Remote Monitoring:

    Remote monitoring and home monitoring is one of the most suitable technologies for both physicians as well as patients. It avoids unnecessary visits to doctors and also results in reduced costs. It helps patients to be in touch with the doctor over a period of time outside the acute-care centre by allowing physicians to monitor the patient’s health over a home-monitoring system and take necessary actions in cases of emergencies.

    Mobile Health:

    Mobile health helps patients and physicians to keep a constant check on their health while on-the-go by freeing healthcare devices of cords and wires and going mobile. Devices and smartphones enable users to access medical information more conveniently and freely. Service providers and physicians can use mobile health tools to carry out various tasks such as collecting information, documentation, managing orders, etc. It not only provides wireless connectivity but also allows physicians to monitor their patients’ health actively, connect with the patients and perform necessary treatment tasks.

    Digestible Sensors and Wearable Technology:

    Wearable technology and sensors are ways to collect accurate data about the patient’s health, which is an important purpose of the healthcare technology. A digestible sensor will monitor a patient’s bodily systems and transmit the information of what is happening inside the body into a smartphone or to a device for the doctor and patient’s review. These sensors communicate any changes in health conditions of the patients and send alerts to the physician to take necessary actions.

    Portable Technology:

    With the rise in technology, patients are becoming more active in monitoring their own health and portal technology helps them to a great extent in doing so. With portal technology, patients can have easy access to online medical information and records and can closely interact with their physicians online. It allows patients to participate actively in their own healthcare by providing self-service booths that let them do the hospital registration and other paperwork on their own. Patients find it more convenient and comfortable to use automated kiosks as they do not have to wait or rely on hospital executives to help them carry out their registration and other similar tasks.

    Hybrid Operating Rooms:

    A hybrid operation room is an innovation with advanced technology that lets hospitals provide improved care and treatment to their patients and enhances the skill-sets of medical practitioners and physicians. With the implementation of hybrid operating rooms, a considerable improvement has been seen in the health conditions of patients with chronic disorders and has helped them reduce the duration of their hospital stay.

    The reach of technological innovation and evolution continues to grow and change the Healthcare IT Solutions and patient management industry. Silver Touch has a substantial experience in offering comprehensive patient-centric healthcare industry software solutions. Get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com to know more about our services.

    Shruti Vasudevan

    Shruti is a technical content writer working with Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. She keeps keen interest in researching and writing on technical topics. She is a B.Tech graduate in Electronics and Communication and focuses on learning new things.

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