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    SaaS Based HIMI System Developed for Healthcare Vertical

    The healthcare industry is on the verge of a raging digital + global transformation. It is seen facing heightened demand for digitised healthcare services by an increasing pool of consumer/patients. The healthcare service providers are looking to build a digital foundation where their present IT infrastructure should be reconfigured on cloud-based technologies as consumers are digitally connected than ever before. However, the most common challenge experienced is the seamless integration and analysis of data in real time.

    With a similar dilemma, a leading healthcare service provider approached Silver Touch Technologies looking for a solution that can enable his clients to access/view/analyse the database in real time to overcome delayed assistance as well as offer better convenience. He wanted a system that can integrate data from different divisions including hospitals, clinics, institutions and health insurance companies thereby rethinking the services they offer, focusing more on wellness and outcomes.

    Silver Touch Technologies – an innovative IT leader on the market advised of the technology adoption and process improvements with a SaaS based HIMI (Health Information Management Infrastructure) solution. The project manager in charge proposed the Telerik Controls to devise an intuitive and interactive user-interface. He understands the best way to accelerate SaaS service is by putting application servers closer to the end users.

    Watch the video to know how the team rose to this challenge with a dynamic solution.

    Why Silver Touch Technologies?

    Silver Touch Technologies, established in the year 1992is an award-winning IT services provider accredited with the highest CMMi level. The long IT infrastructure improvement track records coupled with dedication help us render best QoE (Quality of Experience) to the clients. The company provides smartest technology investment ideas combined with an on-going support.

    Silver Touch offers top notch healthcare solutions that meet your industry demands and business needs. Get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com to know more about our experience and expertise.

    Kruti Shah

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