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The Best of SAP Business One 9.2 Project Management Module

Project Management Module

Project Management is a very complex task requiring collaborative efforts especially for organisations that are new to this concept. It invovles managing an entire project and its related deliverables to produce consistent business results. Project managers need a strategic vision to dictate project execution at every level that primarily aims to deliver value. Balancing every element of a project is very vital which gets compromised as the project activities double up. Gaps and lags start to appear mainly due to misalignment of project activities and absence of synchronisation. Failure of active participation of multiple team members due to poor communication at all stages of management delays the project’s timelines beyond acceptable timeframes that adversely impact organisational success.

Read on to find out how Project Management capabilities in SAP Business One 9.2 can help your project team to realise long-term business value.

About SAP Business One 9.2

SAP Business One is the most popular and an affordable ERP solution desgined specifically for growing businesses. It is a single application for all essential business processes that are integrated, streamlined and automated. SAP Business One 9.2 is the latest addition to version 9 family whichon 15th June, 2016 was released for general availability with better functionalities and enhancements.

The updated Project Management feature is one of the many great enhancements this release offers. Project information from previous version 9.1 was limited only to financial data whereas this update focuses on centralising all project related activities, documents and transactions, all combined into one solution. Integrating all the data of a company’s project allows every project member to analyse budgets, costs and tasks and accordingly create reports based on such real-time information of project progress, issues and resources.

About Project Management Module

The additional Project Management functionalities transform complex tasks of a project into an integrated, organised and managed set of activities. This helps project managers to work cross-departments to drive greater efficiency. Each of these tasks can be tracked at every phase of a project from start to finish providing greater transparency and thus enables informed decision-making.

The feature allows creating both internal and external projects with a start-date and due-date along with a defined project lead who will be responsible for the entire management. It lets you create sub-projects under large projects that helps delegate tasks to the appropriate teams. It provides an overview of a current project with details like project stages (defined with percentage ratio) with start-date and end-date, project budgets and costs and responsible person for that particular planning and implementation stage. You can also assign a financial project to it which will further be used on all relevant documents that generate journal entries. You can also define stage dependencies which means that you can’t progress to the next stage without having the present stage completed. This helps to forecast and work on the variances of project parameters. Each stage comes with two options – open issues that help understand where the project needs serious attention and attachments where relevant documents are attached for consideration. Every scheduled activity is shared with project team to notify them of upcoming meetings and tasks enabling the management of all customer-facing activities in one place. The project report defines each stage in more detail through stage analysis option and review every open issue and resources allocated to the project.

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