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How can SAP Business One improve your Business’s Performance?


SAP Business One is an ideal solution for all small to midsized enterprises along with subsidiaries of large businesses that inspires and accelerates business growth. It is a powerful solution that encapsulates and performs many functions from streamlining and automating to standardising the business management processes. A rich solution that was built on the concept of ‘out of the box’, SAP Business One is a simple and affordable ERP application trusted by 50,000+ clients in more than 150 countries. It provides instant and real-time access to unified business processes, more accurate and up-to-the-minute data is available to solve complex issues which will allow for easy and effective planning and decisions. It can be deployed on-premises as well as in the cloud, the software also comes with remote access via a mobile application.

The antithesis here is most find that accounting software like QuickBooks is too small whereas full-scale ERPs are too large, however, SAP Business One is just the right size for SMEs providing the right tools to manage a growing business.

Below is a summary of how SAP Business One improves Business Performance:

End-to-End Business Automation: A complete set of core functions that are integrated, streamlined and automated thereby dramatically increasing the overall efficiency and reducing complexity. The simple and seamless creation of workflows makes this framework was easy to use.

Complete and Clear Operational Visibility and Control: The business can track everything right from the moment they have an order approved all the way through to when they sell/ship it to their customer. This setup eliminates the chance of miscommunication or barriers among the various departments.

Access to Critical/Crucial Data Anytime, Anywhere: The software provides access to the most critical information in real-time as and when required enabling decision making in real-time.

Accurate Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: The software offers integrated analytic and reporting tools to gain a better and higher level of business analysis and assessment for making informed decisions. The analytics solution provides you will all the reports you need at the touch of a button thereby enabling you to access critical business information drawn on all functional areas.

Customised Features to Meet Specific Industry Requirements: SAP has a standing recognition for excellence across 25 major industry verticals. The software provides 1300+ industry-specific solutions that are delivered through co-innovation with partners and customers. It provides a scalable solution that meets your fundamental business management needs along with customisation to handle the increased number of transactions generated by a growing customer base.

Lower Technology Costs and Quick Time to Value: The software lets you start fast and enjoy the benefits in just weeks at a cost that a start-up can afford.

Some quick statistical facts to review:

  • Time to market the products and services after implementation improves by 35.6%.
  • The in-built business analytics tools lift the sales cycles by 8.5% in a 1st year and by 30% in the 3rd year.
  • The paperless arrangement for ordering and invoicing improves the service levels to the point that 95% of the orders are fulfilled the same day.

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