SAP Business One HANA Benefits and Features You Should Know

  • Published : Jul,3,2024
  • By: Kunjan Jasani
  • Updated: Jul 3, 2024
SAP Business One HANA Benefits and Features You Should Know

SAP Business One has written success stories of many startups and SMEs worldwide. Even large enterprises can leverage the benefits of this feature-rich business intelligence solution by opting for SAP Business One HANA. In this post, we will dig deep into the key features and business benefits of SAP B1 HANA. But before moving ahead, let’s understand this concept a bit.

What is SAP Business One HANA?

When you want to get quicker and better decision-making, all you need is more accurate insights in real time. SAP Business One HANA makes it possible. As a robust in-memory database, SAP HANA, developed by SAP, can work seamlessly on multiple platforms including SAP Business One (SAP B1). Simply put, SAP Business One HANA is an in-memory database for high performance.

SAP Business One HANA features are useful for faster processing of large data volumes. It can analyze huge data sets in milliseconds to give actionable insights. SMEs can leverage the benefits of its user-friendly features and seamless performance. Let’s dig deep into the top features of SAP Business One HANA.

Key Features of SAP Business One HANA

Here, it is fair to mention that SAP HANA goes beyond fast computing. It has many enterprise-grade features that offer real business benefits. Some of these features include-

Enterprise Search

SAP HANA has the power to search the entire SAP B1 database for different aspects. Users can explore the database for customers, inventory items, documents, suppliers, and the like. SAP HANA also offers a wild card search across the entire database. It also gives a facility to find the history of a specific period to understand the pattern.

Pervasive Analytics

It is one of the most noteworthy SAP Business One HANA features. It enables users to drag and drop predefined or custom widgets onto the dashboard. Users can embed visual KPI widgets into core objects eliminating the need to navigate back to the dashboard. Non-technical users find it pretty useful but it has some limitations based on widget customization.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive dashboards have several customization options for reporting and pervasive analytics features. SMBs can use either standard dashboards or customize them as per their necessities. SAP Business One HANA has various options to assist businesses in seeing different reports at once on the dashboard. These are easy options and non-technical users can also customize.

Delivery Schedule Management

It can enhance decision-making ability manyfolds. Along with an interactive cash flow forecast feature, delivery schedule management can assist companies in achieving on-time deliveries, rescheduling, and reprioritizing deliveries. This feature is useful in streamlining and maintaining the delivery process as companies can meet the deadline.

Semantic Layer

This layer interprets the underlying data in rows and columns with a user-friendly query view. Even non-technical users can build dashboard widgets using this feature. It is useful for handling query writing and other necessary calculations. Users can simply select options from the predefined list and drag-and-drop into the dashboard builder.

Widgets and Workbench

SAP Business One HANA has KPI-based widgets useful for three departments- purchasing, finance, and sales. One such widget is receivables overdue. This platform has some count widgets also that can make calculation easy. Workbench can make the workflow easy as users can easily customize it and drill down to related actions or transactions.

It’s time to see the key benefits of SAP Business One HANA for SMBs.

How SAP Business One HANA Benefits Your Company

Key Benefits of SAP Business One HANA for your company

SAP B1 is a highly beneficial solution for SMBs. Here we mention the benefits it gives with a combination of SAP HANA-

Real-time Data Access

Real-time data can assist SMBs to react to market changes, customer demands, and operational issues immediately. They can monitor stock levels any time for better control over inventory and reducing the risk of stockouts or overstocking.

Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

SAP Business One HANA is easy to use and manage. Apart from requiring less IT support and reducing overall costs, business persons can get rid of expensive hardware upgrades.

Improved Responsiveness

In-memory database of HANA helps companies process transactions quickly with accurate data analysis. It results in a more responsive system for all users. Moreover, with faster access to information, users can provide quicker services.

Interactive Reports

It can empower your team to create custom reports and analyze data without relying on an in-house IT team. Interactive reports can enhance decision-making capabilities with deeper insights.

Out-of-the-box Features

SAP Business One HANA brings a wide range of pre-built features and functionalities. It can reduce both the time and resources necessary for customization and implementation.

Simplified Processes

Automated workflows and integrated functions of SAP HANA eliminate the need for manual data entry to reduce errors. It results in more efficient processes as all departments can remain on the same page.

You can consult an official SAP Partner to understand these and several other benefits.

How to Migrate from SQL to SAP HANA

If you want to make the most from an in-memory database to grow your business, SAP HANA is your excellent option. SAP Business One HANA can transform the traditional business ecosystem into an advanced and database-driven environment. You can make informed decisions in real time by migrating from your existing SQL database to SAP HANA.

Silver Touch Technologies is a preferred partner for consulting, planning, and implementing changes through a powerful SAP B1 HANA solution. We assist you from scratch in upgrading your business system to SAP HANA. You can ensure high performance and a competitive edge for your company with the help of an in-memory database.

Concluding Remarks

SAP HANA can transform the processes of modern businesses by bringing efficiency, increasing agility, and improving decision-making ability. When it empowers SAP Business One, SMBs can simplify complexities and reduce unnecessary costs of legacy IT architecture. Businesses can reduce TCO and improve responsiveness with interactive reports and quicker decisions.

Silver Touch Technologies is an official SAP Partner globally. Our in-house team of experienced SAP professionals can assist you in leveraging the benefits of this robust and revolutionary solution. Contact us to learn more about our SAP solutions and add-ons. Simply share your business needs and one of our expert consultants will get back to you with a SAP-powered solution.


SAP Business One HANA takes SAP Business One to the next level with an in-memory database. This translates to real-time data access and significantly faster processing compared to the traditional version. You'll gain valuable insights and make quicker decisions.

SAP Business One HANA offers several benefits: real-time data access for instant decision-making, reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to its user-friendly design, improved responsiveness with faster processing, and the ability to create interactive reports for deeper analysis.

Absolutely! If your SMB prioritizes real-time data to make informed choices, wants to streamline processes and reduce costs, and desires a more responsive system, then SAP Business One HANA is a strong contender. Explore the option to see if it aligns with your business goals.

SAP offers tools and resources to help you migrate your data to SAP HANA. Alternatively, you can leverage the expertise of an SAP partner to guide you through the migration process.

The cost of SAP Business One HANA varies depending on the size and specific needs of your business. To get an accurate quote, it's best to contact an SAP partner directly.