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Are SAP’s Business Solutions only for Large Enterprises?

Is SAP Too Large for Small Businesses

When people think of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), they tend to think that it is a type of solution made only for large enterprises. There has been a perception that ERP was not meant for the midmarket because it had a reputation of long and expensive implementations. However, as a matter of fact, a growing number of small and mid-sized enterprises are deploying ERP applications. Marquee software maker ‘SAP’ have introduced SAP Business One, an ERP solution tailored specifically for the SMEs and subsidiaries of large businesses which whilst being quite affordable, remains modular, web-architected and provides flexible hosting options. With such software in place, a lot of smaller companies have thought about revamping their IT management strategy by replacing their legacy spread-sheet systems. Today, about 85% of more than 3,35,000 customers using SAP Business One Installation service are small to mid-sized businesses, and that explains why ERP is not just a luxury for large enterprises but delivers value to the SME sector as well.


For a few years now, SAP has been the biggest player in the SMEs software market. It is recognised as a “leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for single instance ERP for product-centric SMEs. It offers a group of enterprise management applications to improve every aspect of a business. Giving huge advantage of high scalability and business intelligence, these applications cover at least 90% of total processes occurring in the larger companies that are all business-critical operations from production, sales, and distribution to finance, accounting, etc. “Small and medium businesses don t have different needs from larger companies, but they generally can t manage to afford customised solutions,” says Jeff Johanson, Director of Channel Operations for SAP s practice for small and midsize businesses. Hence, to meet the expectations and needs of SMEs, SAP developed SAP Business One where the target market is not the only difference between SAP B1 and SAP Standard but also the range of the solution, the costs and time of the implementation and the degree of risk associated with implementation. Using the solution as a cloud-based service on a per-user and per-month basis removes the need for upfront capital investment. SAP has over 38 million cloud users today. It includes the same functionalities and add-ons as the on-premises solution with the added assurance that the data is protected in the most secure data centres. With support in 25 major industries, it has delivered more than 1300 industry-specific solutions in co-innovation with partners and customers. The company is constantly innovating in Mobility, Cloud Computing, Analytics, In-memory Computing, Rapid-deployment and Big Data.


Read this to find out how a USA based small wholesale distributor benefitted from SAP Business One.


SAP Business One is a solution that is based on 30+ years of experience of SAP, which is evident with the fact that it is composed of the best practices previously tried and tested. For that reason, the risk of the project has been reduced to a minimum. Because most business processes do not require additional configuration, the company can start reaping the benefits as soon as 3 months after the implementation.


Almost a quarter million SMEs choose SAP to run better and to run simpler. If you re planning to grow, you should consider SAP’s business solutions as it promotes growth. Call us on +44 – (0) 203-872-5140 or e-mail at info@silvertouch.com  to ask for a free sap demo today!

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