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    How Social, Mobile, Cloud & Analytics Combine to Enhance Public Sector Capabilities

    In the recent past, we have seen a phenomenal adoption of social, mobile and cloud computing technologies by various industries, which has led to their transformation. While the technologies are individually innovative and disruptive, together they offer a competitive advantage to your enterprise, helping you achieve your corporate goals, and improving customer engagement. Popularly known as SMAC, they are making the traditional business models void, and creating unconventional and intelligent models to improvise businesses.

    In this dynamic era, social mobile, cloud computing and analytics are redefining the way government deploys their IT assets to expedite delivery. To identify new revenue opportunities and for better targeting, it is important for government to incorporate analytics combined with business intelligence. With analytics, you will be able to get insights related to data and transactions as well as to identify the additional sources of income. The public sector enterprises are looking for ways to integrate their services with cloud architectures, thus saving money and time. It’s time to break the traditional silos to get real time information, thus helping make critical decisions with a faster pace.

    While saving costs and improving critical decision making are obvious reasons why public sector is taking the SMAC route, here we will also talk about how SMAC benefits the public sector.

    Shift to Personalized Services

    For long, public sector used to define a single solution for all problems. They believed in the principle that stated “one size fits all”. With adoption of analytics (data-driven) and cloud computing combined with social and mobile, they have slowly started offering citizen-centric personalized services. Today, they listen to the citizen using various channels, have reduced the distance that existed between them, makes critical information immediately accessible to the citizens, and ensures complete transparency. This has resulted in an augmentation of the citizen-centric services, and citizen engagement. From standardized to personalized and better services, the public sector has definitely leaped forward with SMAC. Today, the public sector is focused towards citizen participation in designing their services, which is why the focus has shifted from one-way communication to two-way conversation.

    More Insight Driven Services

    With a shift in the technologies and the transformation thereafter, it was important to reinvent the citizen services for better results. This shift has been realized by the insights obtained by analytics and social, a combination that offers a glimpse into what the citizen wants and what troubles the citizens at present.

    The economic conditions play a major role why governments feel the need to be more insight driven. Fraudulent procurements, improper payments and tax abuse result in slowdown in the economy, which can cost the government heavily. With proper insights, public sector can improve service delivery and the associated benefits while reducing the number of frauds. There is a pressure on public sector to create benefits for the citizens by designing services that can serve both the ageing population, and the growing needs of the citizens. With social and analytical insights, you can works towards solving a problem, thus improving quality and efficiency of the services that work towards the citizens.

    Improving Productivity

    With the integration of social, mobile and analytics, there has been a tremendous improvement in the service accessibility. More services have been devised keeping the citizens and their needs in mind. The design and delivery of these services have been made more efficient, and the integrated approach has led to a restructuring in the government operations. Excellent administration and governance is a result of combining operations with predictive analysis. The first part is to define goals, then integrate the emerging technologies, and finally incorporate the insights to manage the assets effectively, and leverage on asset efficiency.

    Social, mobile, analytics and cloud together can enhance the power of your industry and enterprise, thus benefiting you with reduced costs and greater efficiency. Silver Touch combines the four to offer citizen-centric services to improve citizen engagement. Our public sector software solutions work towards deploying IT infrastructure and assets in a way that they can enrich customer experience with operational efficiency. Connect with us at info@silvertouchinc.com to know more about our offering.

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